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Honeywell Mega Turbo High Velocity Floor Fan Product Reviews

 HF-810 Mega Turbo High Velocity Floor Fan

Model Number: HF-810

Category: Fans

Color: Black

Wattage: 72

Warranty: 5 Year limited

Price: $44.99

Sale Price: $39.99

Save: $5.00 (11% off)

Honeywell Mega Turbo High Velocity Floor Fan Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Love my fan

Moves air like no one's business and gives just the right amount of white noise when you're sleeping.  I'm about to buy my 3rd one - not because they break, but because they keep getting left behind in moves (not by me!). 

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Mega Turbo High Velocity Fan

This fan is great and very powerful, but there's no way to disassemble to clean the inside and blades.

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HF-810 fan

This product is made in China, I am hoping it will be proven to be satisfactory. I purchased a similar smaller style Honeywell fan about 2 years ago, I am very pleased with that fan. The fan is styled for the purpose for how I am using this product.

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Great Fan!!!

I own two of these and they really move a lot of air. With that movement comes some nosie but considering how well the fan works in cooling a large room with vaulted ceilings it is very easy to get used to the nosie.  We have kids and the "white" nosie of the fan helps but them to sleep at night when we place the fan by their door.

Savings for us was $40 per month on our summer time electric bill.  The fan was able to keep the house cool so that we did not have to run the A/C everyday during the peak summer months.  Typically if the temperature does not go above 90 we can use the fan and not have to turn on the A/C.

To counter act the nosie we move the fan down the hall or just inside the bedroom door.  This moves the nosie just enough to watch TV at a normal level.  Conversations by the fan when on high speed are loud.  When the fan is on medium speed it is distracting. When the fan is on low speed it is just back groud nosie.

For future designs and spec changes I would like to see that the housing was easily removed to clean the blades and the dust that accumlates on the grills (front and back).  I would also like to see a longer cord to allow for greater movement of the fan.

I recommend this fan to friends and family who ask.  When it is on sale you could not get a better deal. One summer time month of electricity saves pays for the fan.

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different in fans honeywell HF-810 

1. great air movement 2. pleasant sound for the force 3. 5yrs limited warrant! (I have brought box fans for yrs & yrs to only last 12-18 months.)  I recommend this Honeywell HF-810  fan for under $50 Bang for the Buck should be a winner.  I Will use almost daily, spring thru fall, and I live in the deep south. One drawback is small ring to select fan speed could be a problem for some.  Total power usage max 144 watts on highest setting.

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if you like to sleep with a fan...this is it. atleast by todays standard''s of a fan.

awesome air movement, good sound...could be a little louder for my taste...but very, very good.

only complaint is control knob is a little annoying....should just be-able to turn to desired setting, but have to push down and turn. not sure why...but can live, with for what it delivers.

i''m sure it delivers on it''s intended purpose...air movement...but delivers much better in the bedroom, compared to todays box fan.

my girlfriend and i both love it! enjoy


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We use this for our buisness it is a great fan.

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Better than Box Fan....

Moves a lot of air.  The fan was manufactured in Mexico.  They need to improve the child proof button, and make the grille removeable for cleaning.

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Simply the Best

This is the third Honeywell fan of this same model that I have purchased.  I am thoroughly satisfied.  I use them for my business, they continually run about 10 hours a day. They are quiet and output a ton of air. I am replacing one I purchased about 5 years ago.  I hope Honeywell continues to produce this product.

Thanks Dom.

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Very pleased with the fan!  It is an excellent fan that blows air that is cool.  I am going to buy another one soon.

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Great fan!!! I purchased two of these fans for my condo this past April because my building always takes forever to turn on the A/C. The fans work GREAT and I love the 90 degree flip option. Just pull the fan outta the box, plug it in and turn it on. No assembly required. Get one, two, or three of these!!

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Honeywell High Velocity Fan Review

We ordered this fan as a replacement for the same fan that we had for over ten years. We love that fan and hope that this one lasts as long as the other one did. It is used on a daily basis in our sun room for our paralyzed dog.

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how to clean

need to know how to clean could send me some instruction.

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Turbo High Volicity

This product does the job in high performance standard...... 

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