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Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control Product Reviews

 HY-048BP Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control

Model Number: HY-048BP

Category: Fans

Dimensions: 10.75 x 8.23 x 32.84

Color: Black

Speeds: 3

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

Price: $69.99

Sale Price: $59.99

Save: $10.00 (14% off)

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock


This is a fairly nice product.  The optional fan height option was unexpected, but appreciated.  The screws holding the body to the base need to be re-engineered.  Two of three screws that attached directly to the fan body base (height option not used) barely screwed in and one didn't screw in at all, just rotated in-place.

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Works Great

pleasantly surprised.  works very well for dust and decent for trapping airborne pet hair.  also provides good room coverage as a fan.  i am used to having seperate units to do both filter and fan.

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Good, could be better

good fan with advanced features.  could be better if grid on front was movable to direct air upward.  also a lower speed (aka less noisy) would be nice.

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Excellent fan

This fan has cooled my house for almost 8 months now and I am loving it!

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Honeywell Tower Fan

Awesome product would buy again.

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Works great

It is pretty quiet and blows alot more air than my Lasko tower fan. The chrome on the front is a nice touch. I'm waiting to see how much dust stuff the filter catches, as It builds up really fast on regular fan blades here in Florida. Almostl like the moss that hangs from the trees. And that was one of my main reasons for choosing it.

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works great

It cools quickly and works great. Love it.

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Powerful fan

I ordered this fan via a big box stores website. It arrived today (7/3/2013). The assmebly process is very easy and quick. The instand I turned the fan on I was amazed by the power of it. Even on low it gives a good breeze. I have played with the other featured and found them easy to use and quite useful. So far in the hour that I have used it I found it was worth the money.

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I bought this fan based on reviews that the motor is quiet. I received the fan and all I can hear is motor.

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Your warranty department is great. Thanck you for our replacement fan.

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Broke after 2 weeks

The fan works great, but it stopped rotating after 2 weeks. So rather than 5 I dropped at 3 stars. Will see what their warranty does and will update post accordingly. Other than this very annoying aspect, I enjoyed the fan quite a  lot, especially the breeze mode.

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Excellent Fan and features

We have two of these Honeywell fans, and both are excellent.  We particularly like that the desired temperature can be set, so that the fan comes on automatically based on its own termostat setting.   The remote control is also excellent.  I use mine from a distance of about 15 feet with no problem.  

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Tower Fan

I just received the HY-048 Series Tower Fan. I'm very pleased with the fan, features & very handy remote. 

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Great fan for a while.

This has been a great fan for the past 6 months but now it has stoped working very well. It bearly blows as strong as it used to.

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Love this fan, third I buy.  However, on the third time the screws were missing.

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thank you for replacing my broken fan.

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Great Unit

fully meets my expectation. a great buy.

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Love it. powerful and quiet and the remote functions . Jus a great value.

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Fresh Breeze Tower Fan

I purchased this fan about 3 weeks ago and I love it! My favorite feature is the ionizer, it makes the room smell fresh. The bottom piece was a little hard to get together but I really do enjoy using it a lot.

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Works great, however one LED did not work out of the box.

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Tower Fan HY-048

I really like the features of the fan...oscillation, power, etc. However, the only reason why I am giving this product two stars is that it broke down after one year. It was hardly used.

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customer satiisfied.

customer aere very happy with product and promptness and courteous.

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One year to the date it stopped working. I took care of this fan. Cleaned the filters, and dusted with vacuum cleaner. It's just not right to break down with no apparent reason!

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Broke Down

This product broke down after approximately 5-6 months of use. Earlier I thought it was one-year, but my wife informs me that she purchased it September. I liked the unit and took care to clean and vacuum. It just stopped working!

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Nice Fan

Nice fan; strong, silent type. Love the remote.

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great product

set up is very easy and blows very cool air

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Mr jorvile

Only had for an hour so far but I like what I see. Will come back in a month and give additional information

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This is an amazing fan

The deliver of the product was fast, could not beat the price. And this fan is powerful but most of all quiet. It has a ton of settings. It is very stylish and does not take up much room. The negative ions are great and i have really noticed a difference in the quality of my sleep with this fan. Over all there is nothing i can complain because it does everything i want and more. Best tower fan i have had to date and i have gone through about 4 of them in the past few years. This is what you are looking for. 

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Excellent Fan!!!

Excellent fan to keep a medium sized room cool (as if I had the window opened and there was a strong consistent breeze in the room).

For the price I paid, well worth the purchased!

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It's cool!

 The fan works quite well and keeps my two older dogs comfortable. I especially like that I will be able to clean out the washable filter plus the fact that it oscillates is terrific. Thanks to other reviews i didn't use the pedestal part and it is perfectly fine without it and quite obviously more stable. It was a bit tricky getting the parts together at first and it is not beautifully designed but it works really well so far and I am pleased with my purchase.

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Really effective cooling

This fan cools effectively and is aesthetically pleasing. The plastic body quality of the fan and the remote isn't phenomenal, but certainly gets the job done!

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The description describes the fan and features exactly.  We like the quietness and yet is powerful so cools and circulates air  extremelyl well.  We have on the stand and not had a problem with it. Like the ionizer and purifer combo feature

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stoped working after 3 years. it has a 5 year warranty. not to happy.

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Honeywell Tower Fan

Love this fan!! So quiet and really saves on the electric bill as don't have to run the air conditioning so often!

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HY-048BP Tower Fan

HY-048BP Tower Fan is an EXCELENT product - cools wonderfully, quiet, and sleek. Unfortunately, it stopped working 2 months after purchase. We're now trying to claim the product under warranty but if that doesn't work, we'd likely purchase another. We've been keeping cool with it in the NY summer humid heat without an air conditioner in a large livingroom, home to 2 adults and 3 children.

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I am a fan!

This fan works well and the screen is easy to clean. The style is nice as well- does not take up a lot of space or stand out too much.

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sad, sad,sad

mine just quit on me and it didnt even make the year mark. it looks as if i just took it out of a box and its dead.

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Honeywell ionizer/cooling fan

Awesome fan. My cheap fan from Menards broke and I decided to look for a good tower fan to replace it and something that would hopefully last a while before having to send to a landfill. This fan really does cool the room, and it will be very nice to have the ionizer function, as I have several pets. Moving toward winter now but looking forward to using the fan next summer when the heat returns.

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Great Fan!

This fan looks great and works even better!

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