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Honeywell Febreze Freshness™ Cool & Refresh Fan Product Reviews

 HY-201 Febreze Freshness™ Cool & Refresh Fan

Model Number: HY-201

Category: Fans

Dimensions: 7.40 x 7.40 x 17.52 in

Color: Black / Graphite

Room Size: Small to Medium 

Speeds: 2

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Price: $29.99

Honeywell Febreze Freshness™ Cool & Refresh Fan Details

Great Fan

I just bought my Ventilador Fan with Febreeze insert and immediately noticed a fresher smell in my office!  It oscilates well and meets my expectations!

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not only does it give the great amount of air for being a 2 level fan but also eliminates a great amount of odor in a large room. thinking of going and purchasing more for the facility

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Desk Fan

Perfect for my office.  It fits wonderfully on my desk and it is very stylish.  The design is great because it is high enough to not blow papers around.

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Love the fan, especially the oscillating feature and the febreeze feature.

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makes the entire room smell clean and fresh unlike any other Fbreze scent product. Id prefer for the fan speed to be much higher though.

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I belive this item is a good product, and worth the money.  It would be even better , if you could supply more air flow from the same size fan.  It would also be helpful if the CFM rating of nthe fan were listed on the exterior package.

I purchased another pf your fans at the same time as this one.

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Very nice just bought it. So don't how it work check with me in a month or two.

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great product

I was looking for a small fan and came across this this upright cool & refresh fan.  It fits small spaces, runs quietly and the fabreze cartridge is a plus!

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Fan speed

Great fan, the only issue is when you want the fan speed to be low.  After turning on the fan and selecting Low it takes a little while for the motor to have the fan speed to go a little faster than a snails pace. 

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Fan Review

To whom it may concern,

I just recently purchased you oscillating "Mini" Fan from Home Depot and I am happy with the product though i do have a concern reguarding the "Lack of power/air" that the fan produces. I have a 2 bedroom apartment and during the day I have left my A/C running to sort of cool the place down for when I get home from work. I was really hoping that with this purchase it would be much cooler. It wasn't. So, instead of using this purchase as my main fan, I'm probably going to just use it sparingly at night placing it directly in front of me. So, if anything I would say that your Research & Development Department might want to look into placing a larger "motor/blower" within this unit. Otherwise its not that bad of a product. 

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Nice and Quiet

Very easy to setup and use. Need one additional speed selection to make it awesome!

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Tower Fan

The fan is ideal for my studio where I create stained glass panels.  It is small and fits on my work surface and reduces the toxic fumes when I am solddering.  I am very happy to have this addition to my work space.  Love the product.  Thanks. M

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Very nice FAn

Very nice quite fan but works well for air movement

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Honeywell with Febreze freshness

Your product, my Honeywell little fan with the Febreze freshness, is absolutely amazing. Not only does it keep you cool but it also smells beautifully. I live in an apartment and my Kitchen unfotunately doesnt have a window. I cook all the time so when I seen this fan at Home Depot I thought it would be perfect for my Kitchen and it is. I love it. Like I said it keeps me cool while I cook and it smells beautifully, this was worth repeating. Thank you very much for coming up with this product, your company is brillant!! Thank you                                                          Sincerely, Linda Salvatore


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Neat Idea

I like the sensation of fresh smelling air in combination with a cool breeze.

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Honeywell fan

We purchased this tower fan because it oscillated and was small enough to fit on top of our furniture in our bedroom without being cumbersome. We felt it suited our needs to circulate the air in our bedroom for comfortable sleeping.  The high-pitched hum of the motor was more noise than we expected, but has not affected our ability to sleep.

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Like it so far

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For the size it works really well. It does a good job cooling our bedroom and I just love the fresh scent. I would recommend to anyone. 

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IT's very quiet and works well.   I really like the ability to put fabreeze in the fan



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Honeywell Fabreze Cool and Refresh Fan

What a delightful product!  My daughter is thrilled with this quiet yet powerful fan in her bedroom.  Since we have a Love Bird and a Cat who sometimes share the space, it's a great idea to have the option of adding a little hint of Floral aroma to the room.  I must buy a couple more for other areas of the home.

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Good but a bit noisy

This fan seems to be fine for a bedroom, which is what I wanted it for.  I like to have a bit of breeze and humming noise when sleeping.  However, I cannot use the oscilate feature while sleeping, as it makes a noise that keeps me awake.  It clicks as it moves.  I only use the oscilate when not in the room.  The febreeze option is very nice to have on when not in the room as well, but is a bit too strong to sleep with.  That is why I give this fan a 3 Star rating.  If it did not make noise when rotating, I would have given it 5 Stars.

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Nice fan

This product is a nice fan and does a good job. We use it in an upstairs bedroom to help cool it, especially at night. The only problem I have with it is the noise. It has too loud a hum on high to sleep well. We have to run it on low when we go to bed.

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Very unsatisfied.  The machine was so unbalanced that when I set it on the counter it wobbled off and broke.  Not sure if this will be covered by any warranty, but I would really like a replacement because I thought it was a nice fan with the scent in it.

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pretty decent

not as quiet as i would have liked but is definitely the quietest fan walmart sells - so koodles to that. i like the febreeze idea, but is it strong, so i do not recommend you sleep with that feature on. use the febreeze when you are not at home and want to come home to a nice fresh scent. 

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Febreze Freshness

You can smell the Freshness as soon as you turn on the fan. It gives the office a fresh smell.


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HY-201 Fan

This is the second HY-201 purchased this year.

We purchased the first fan earlier this year. It is used just about daily; and, has performed very well. The fan is quiet, the Febreze cartridge keeps the air fresh.



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Fan with Febreze equals AAA

I liked the concept so much I bought two of them,.  I'm loving it.  Small but powerul

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Fan with Febreze

Fragrance and a fan all in one.  I love it.  Small and mighty..  I'm loving it!

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