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Honeywell Comfort Control™ Tower Fan Product Reviews

 HY-013 Comfort Control™ Tower Fan

Model Number: HY-013

Category: Fans

Dimensions: 8.27 x 7.48 x 32.21

Color: White

Speeds: 3

Warranty: 5 year limited warranty

Price: $39.99

Honeywell Comfort Control™ Tower Fan Details

Product Performance

Extremely satisfied with Towe Fan Model #hy-013 Series!  Totally awesome!!! I give it thr "5 Star" rating.....

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The fan dose'nt seem to have the output volumn a fan that size should have.

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This fan works pretty good. I don't know what's wrong with them though. I have 2 and they worked pretty good, but where I live is prone to power surges so the inline fuse saves wear in tear but there is nowhere to buy replacement fuses. Not even Amazon.com has them or Home Depot or even the manufacturer website. Why have such a key part on the fan if there is nowhere for the consumer to replace it without buying another complete fan. Other than that it worked pretty good until the fuse blew and is now a pretty good doorstop. 3 star doorstop. Other than that look elsewhere.

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have had it working for about 2  hours now - really really can feel a difference with coolig the room in this extreme heat we are experiencing nowl.

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I haven't assembled the fan yet, but I find the instruction manual extremely helpful.

I am positive this fan will be the best I have ever had and will last a long time

Thank you, KAZ!.

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Flimsy pedestal caused it to fall over and then it just stopped working, waste of money!

Do not buy it!

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buzzing sound

I like this fan, and want to love it, but it makes a ratchety, buzzing type noise, whether it's oscillating or not. It seems to start after the fan's been on for a minute or two, then continues at the same point in the oscillating cycle (or after the same amount of time if it's not oscillating).  THen it stops. Is there a way to fix this?

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Do Not Buy

I liked it while it worked - used it only one season.  Very flimsy pedestal - all it took was to tip it over one time - pedestal broke easily - now I might as well throw it out!   I would NOT recommend this model to ANYONE! 

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...once you get past the instructions (confusing)  and then proceed assembling using common sense, it was easy! Try in the furture not to have a tech person write your instructions! 

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Excellent Performer

This Honeywell Tower Fan operates more quietly that the majority of box or pedestal fans. Since the tower is of smaller diameter that the base, its oscillations do not cause it to bump any nearby furniture.

The small footprint of the base leads to one drawback. If it is set on top of carpeting very close to a baseboard, or with uneven padding, it may not stand perfectly upright. This does not cause any problem in fan operation.

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Died after 2 months

Bought this fan less than 2 months ago and it's already dead.

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Found fan to be adequate at 40 Watts. Long's Drug in Waipahu, HI had it on sale for $29.99 on 28FEB11 when I purchased it. Thanks.

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Great Product! Great Price!

I just purchased this product yesterday, but I am very impressed. 5 stars.

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need a replacement

I had this less then a year and the fan is already tip to one side... please advice how can I get a replacement cause I don't have the recipt anymore.

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Tower Fan is junk after 2 months of use

Purchased HY-013 fan 7/17/2010. Fan was in use part of July and August 2010. In Sept stored for winter then on May 30, 2011 removed from storage for use on a very hot and humid memorial day. Fan is making loud grinding noises,not efficient. Target will not stand by product.Will Kaz stand by this product?

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Value fan exceeds expectations

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Just bought one fan first and was very happy with it and went back and bought another one a few days later.

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it stopped working after a little over a year of light use... I am not satisfied

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Great fan

The fan was easy to assemble and is much quieter than the smaller circular oscillating fans I have purchased in the past.

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These tower fans are great. I bought two and they do a great job.

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Bought 2 fans - one defective

Yesterday I visited a Target store and bought 2 tower fans HY-013 series. One of them I have assembled and it's running. Hte other one has a deffective pedestal part (the one with one hole in it) is bent out of shape so bad that I was not able to assemble it. Would it be possible to get a replacement part? If that is possible I would appreciate very much. Thanks, Rodolfo Reyes

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