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Vicks Germ Free Humidifier* Product Reviews

 V790-N Vicks Germ Free Humidifier*

Model Number: V790-N

Category: Humidifiers

Price: $109.99

Sale Price: $99.99

Save: $10.00 (9% off)

Vicks Vicks Germ Free Humidifier* Details


I purchased this humidifier to help with dryness.  We use it in our bedroom at night.  The light is rather bright but it has bothered us.  I had read other reviews about the light and others had taped over the light.  The machine gurgles as it runs but it doesn't bother us - the gurgling as white noise.  It has been very helpful and was a good purchase.

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I just got this as a gift its great thanks Santq Claus!!!!!!

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Cracked Tanks

I would give this product 5 stars if the tanks didn't crack so easy.  I am on my second version because they don't sell tanks and my son is in need of a humidifer.

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Cracked Tank

We received our humidifier the 2nd of January. We opened the box and just looked inside and it looked like everything was in the box. We didn't end up setting up the humidifer until a couple weeks later. When we were setting up the humidifier we noticed that the tank was cracked on the right tank by the handle. It wasn't obvious, the only way we found it was it was leaking. I like this humidifier but need a new tank that isn't cracked.

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Vicks Humidifier V790

Recieved my humidifier and was happy to set it up and get it going. After getting it set-up I notticed the replace uv light was on. I let the unit run thinking it might just be a new thing and needs to warm up. I checked the manual to ensure this was alright. After running it for a while, the light was still on. Though everything else seems to be working right, I turned it off and found the uv light was damaged. I called the comany to get a replacment and was instructed that i would have to pack the whole system up and pay to have it mailed back, instead of just sending me out a new uv light. Are you kidding me? I was then instructed to go back through Wal-Mart to resolve it, even though the packaging instructed going through them instead of the purchace store, what a mess for an $11 part. first experience with this company and not happy about the way they conduct business.

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3 out of 4 Tanks cracked

I bought 2 units.  I Used them for 3weeks total time in 8months.  3 of the 4 tanks cracked.

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leaks after a year

otherwise good. leaks at the bottom after one year. 

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I have used the V790 for 1 week in a 15x18 bedroom.  Adjusted control until I have 45% humidity at night. Back off during the day to minimum setting.  I have had no problems.  Some reviews are much older and are not positive; maybe the unit has been tweaked for today's consumer purchase (I hope so).  I never give 5 stars

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Only used the unit one night, but performed very well, and with no problems.  Very easy to operate.  The only downfall that I see is that the night light is to bright. 

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it works

It works, but after 14 months of use, both tanks have cracked.  One leaks, so is unusable.  It is only a matter of time before the other one fails.  warranty says 3 years, so I'm about to test it!

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A great, quiet humidifier. The double tanks are really handy and it will run a long time without refilling. I am very pleased. The only (minor) drawback is the brightness of the light for the on/off switch. Easily covered with tape and is really a great night light if not in the bedroom.

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Great humidifier, No parts Availability

I loved the operation of this humidifer in my 3 year old's room but when I needed a new dome the company could not sell me any replacement parts. Very frustrating!

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The vicks 99.99% germfree humidifier isnice, but there can be improvements. - the "on" blue light is too bright - the vapor is too weak. even on max setting, it emits very little vapor compared to other units i've had.

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vicks v790

works great i have a parrot that was plucking feathers cause of low humidity in my house it brought the humidity up 30% in no time

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Decent humidifier. But I bought mine new from Amazon and from day one the refill UV light has been on. The main downside is that the power light is so bright its too much for even my large bedroom.

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Vicks V790

The Humidifier has been wonderful until the UV bulb burned out. I can not find a store that sells the bulb and I have had rotten luck buying online because the bulbs get broke during shipping and I'm out my money. Anyone know the store to buy replacements?????

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great product

does a very good job in an easy to use fashion

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New product

Too new to tell how the product works, just purchased the item.

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Great Buy

It makes the room feel very comfortable it is not as quite as I expected but I am a very light sleeper. Also, the light may be bothersome for some.

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Germ Free Humidifier

I have been satisfied so far. I like that it is 99.9% germ free. Fairly easy to clean and fill.

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Works well

Works fine, no complaints of the product itself.  I guess I didn't read the description close enough to realize it was a warm air humidifier.  For some reason I thought it went either way, but this produces warm air only.  Apparently the water runs through a UV light which kills bacteria before the water is humidified.  It runs very quiet.  I have one in my bedroom and one in my livingroom.  They are on 24 hrs a day and run nice and quiet.  It does have an illuminated blue light.  It doesn't bother me.  It offered me a six pack of what I thought were filters when I checked out.  I only got a three pack...and it is a bacteria killer, not a filter.  That was a waste of money.  If the UV light is working correctly, then I shouldn't need the bacteria killer, now should I?  This does not take the big filters that most humidifiers use.  It uses small white felt circles that I have not been able to find on the kaz website.  It came with 2, so I haven't started the search for those yet.  All in all, I'm happy with them so far.

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The filter discs are called "Honeywell Humidifier Mineral Pads" and are sold on Kaz.com for 6.99.


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