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Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Product Reviews

 17007-HD True HEPA Allergen Remover

Model Number: 17007-HD

Category: Air Purifiers

Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 17 in

Color: Grey

Room Size: 14'x14' (200 sq.ft.) 

Speeds: 3

Warranty: 5 Year Limited

Price: $138.00

Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Basic Allergy Help

I bought this to help with some allergy issues I was having in a house I just moved into.  It does the job in a small room only.  It is also very loud, so I cannot use it when I'm sleeping.  I ended up needing to buy a bigger and quieter unit for bigger rooms, and then I move it to the bedroom while I sleep.  The smaller louder one I am reviewing is kept in the bedroom during the day while I am not in there to keep the air fresh until bedtime.  It does the job in a small space, but it is not quiet at all.

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Honeywell 17007-HD

Would be a 5 star if he didn't just freeze up.

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Honeywell Air Purifier

I am finally purchasing my 2nd Honeywell 17007 Air Purifier. First one lasted over 6 years

and worked like a charm. Since I live in the high desert  in New Mexico, fine dust is a

constant problem and your product work remarkably well. I recommend it highly for

creating breathable air.

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True allergen remover

This product is working great.

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Just Purchased

Just purchased the item earlier today. I can already tell a difference in the room. Even On the highest power, the sound is comforting enough to sleep through. I do recommend!

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Current User

This is an excellent product and I would definitely recomment to friends and family.

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Loved this air purifier.  Works well.  Filter lasts a long time and prefilter is easy to clean

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So far, so good

We bought the Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover purifier to help our daughter who suffers from seasonal allergies. It has not been running even a full day, but she seems to be breathing more easily in her room, where we have it. Based on how well it works, we plan to add another to our bedroom and to the living room

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Just bought the product

Just bought the product. Hopefully it help rid some of the allergens in the house.

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so far so good

If this one last as long as the last one we had it will be worth the money.The last one we had 10 years

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Allergen Remover

I grew up with no allergies.  At age 34 I moved to Texas and 15 years later I am allergic to mold, dust and some pollen.  To the moral of the story is never move to Texas but if you do make sure you bring a Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover with you.  My preference is Model 17007-HD.

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our 2nd Kaz air purifier

This 2nd Honeywell/Kaz air purifier is being used in the office that I maintain here in our home when I am not on business trips. So far, the unit seems to be functioning as desighed. It has run , for the most part, for 24/7 ever since I purchased it from the Home Depot. I am puzzled why, after 3 months, the filter status shows ZERO in all 5 vertical bars. It would seem to me that there would be some dust particulates that would at least fill one of the bars. Do I have a correct understanding on how this status indicator should work?

The unit is quiet enough & fits nicely into the parameters outlined in the instruction manual. I would very much like your input if I am interpreting the functionality of the filter status indicator.  thank you.  Dennis Tobin

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Quiet and clean

So far this has been a quiet air purifier and the air is so refreshing. The previous air purifier I had before sounded like a plane taxiing the runway for take-off. Over all, for the value, I am happy with my purchase.

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misleading marketing

Includes a selling point that the filter needs to be replaced every 3-5 years, but in the small print lets you know that a pre-filter needs to be replaced every 3 months.

Customer care will not tell me if there is any harm done if the pre-filter is not used.  Twice responded with "We cannot recommend using the air purifier without a pre filter"

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Honeywell Enviracaire Products are superior. Don't waste your time looking at anything else. The noise issues are nonsense. They have lo/med/hi settings.  My kids used them when small for allergies to dust mites with incredible success. Now they are 28 and 30 and still use them. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. There just are not enough stars :)

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works great... fresh crisp air!!

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Not as good as earlier units

I was looking to replace a previous unit that failed.  The unit said it had quiet technology on the box.  It isn't as good as the previous unit.

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Have had for only 1 month and it started giving off a "locker room" type of smell which we didn't have before.

Did not appear necessary, but we have vacuumed air purifer & HEPA filter, and replaced pre-filter. 

Not encouraging after just 1 month

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I am breathing much better indoors .A great machine.

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This is our second True HEPA Allergen Remover 17007.  The first one last around 5 years, which we ran everyday between 8-16hrs a day.  I have allergies and a yellow lab that sleeps with us, we do have a whole house HEPA filter on our funance but using this secondary one in the bedroom really helps alot because the dog is there.  The machine itself is not that noisey, actually it helps us sleep, my husband keeps it on and he doesn't even have allergies but perfers to still have it on.  Good product hope my second one lasts as long has the first.

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Out-of-Box Failure

First one failed. Fan did not operate in "General" mode. Called Kaz. After 3 or 4 tier menu system, recording said they were closed. Why not have this at the beginning of the menu system?

Re-boxed unit and returned it to Home Depot for another one. Fan operated in all modes of the replacement. We'll see for how long.

First impression NOT impressive.


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Moves some air

Works well and really moves some air.  I am using this in a very large master bedroom.

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Easy to set up and quiet

Our old air cleaner stopepd working so we decided to purchase Model 17007-HD.  I find it to be very easy to set up and operate.  I love the quiet setting.  I can sit in the same room with this unit and still hear someone talk on the phone. 

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HEPA Alleregen

This was my first experience with a Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover and it was great! The unit operated wonderful. I could tell the difference in the quality of the room air. I will get another unit for the family room.

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It appears the Air Purifier does work in the 200 sq ft as advertised.

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HEPA 17007-HD

Seems to be working like advertised.  Fi ts nicely on a small table.  Easy to use.

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Hepa Air Purifier

We were on  vacation in Florida , visiting my sister the first time I  was introducted to this type of air purifier.  She had one in the  bedroom that we slept  in - and I had the best night sleep !!   I told my husband that with  my sinus, allergy  & sleeping problems - that I really intended to get one ASAP when we got home !!  And I did !!  It has impoved my sleeping almost 100 %       THANK YOU !!  


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I love it!

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True Hepa Air Purifier


I've only had it for 5 days. But I can tell there is a difference in the air in our home. I like that it has several speeds. I leave it on the middle one while away from the house. So it can do more cleaning. But once i'm home and watching TV I had it on low. I was able to find an extra filter for it very easily at another store near by. My allergy doctor highly recommended this for me.


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A very nice filter. It seems to do the job right off the bat. However, I could not find the serial number, I'm guessing that there is none.  The only numbers I found are the following: 3F49, N.0361, QC 06911KTC.  Thank you.

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Great Little Machine

Just purchased the Honeywell 17007-HD air purifier after a lot of research online.  We have 2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 smoker in the house.  We purchased this for the bedroom.  We always wake up all stuffy and sometimes with a headache.  We are hoping this helps with all the junk in the air.

After having it initially on high for about 5 hours, we can already tell a difference in the air quality. We are excited about continued air improvement and a better nights sleep.

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Perfect size

It's just what I've been looking for and the price was right.

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17007-HD Dependable and Quiet

The 17007-HD is excellent for my application - air purifier for a small-size home electronics laboratory. It lowers dust ppm in the room to an acceptable level while sitting quietly in a corner.

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True HEPA Allergen Remover

So far, the product is working well, much better than my old air purifier/ionizer.  Allergens are terrible in Florida homes, so I hope this will work well in the long term.

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We were looking at some of the other TV air purifiers made available. They were costly so I read up and studied. Honeywell had good ratings and were available locally. People should be aware that the non HEPA purifiers are not as efficient as the HEPA units, and cost more in many cases. If you are looking to remove micro dust and allergens you must go with a filter, not just blowing air over an electrical charge.   Whether it is a small purifier or a whole house furnace filter you get the best efficiency with a good HEPA filter. This unit is quiet enough and for sure has the top end power if you need it.  Good value.

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Honeywell Air Purfier

Honeywell Air Purifier model # 17007-HD

The Air Purifier appears to work well but I am disappointed in the electronic controls.  The window does not display the level of cleaning.  I exchanged the first one we purchased for another and the second one isn't any better.  Since it seems to work okay otherwise, we decided it was pointless to continue to exchange for another.



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love it

It is so quiet and very easy to change the filter.

I have anoher brand and will only buy Honeywell going forward.

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Great Purifier

A little loud but works great

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Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover

We have a golden retriever that lives inside and sleeps on the floor in our master bedroom. My husband suffers from allergies, and they have gotten worse with our new furry addition.  The HEPA allergen remover has changed how he feels upon waking up.  He says that he is able to breathe better, and I love how fresh our room smells.  Another perk is the great 'white noise' that the unit provides.  We are already looking to purchase a larger filter for the living area.  Great product!

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Honeywell 17007-HD air purifier

I just started using the Honeywell 17007-HD air purifier and it works very well. I will post future comments on how it works after I've used it several months.  I also have the 50255-HD for the larger living area of the home.  I use the 17007-HD in the bedroom.

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