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Honeywell QuietClean® Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Filter Product Reviews

 HFD-123-HD QuietClean® Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Filter

Model Number: HFD-123-HD

Category: Air Purifiers

Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 29 in

Color: Grey

Room Size: 170 sq.ft. sq ft

Speeds: 3

Wattage: 43.1

Warranty: 5 year limited

Price: $158.00

Honeywell QuietClean® Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Filter Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock


Very quiet and cleans the air as specified.  I have only owned the product for 3 days but found that the air was clean and fresh smelling.  I have a dog and noticed that I am not picking up as much dander with my vacuum cleaner.  My husband and I smoke and we both noticed that our house does not smell like smoke any more.  We are very happy with this product.

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Air purifier

We have only had this a few days but it has been very noticably effective. I would add another star if it continues working at this level. I am very satisfied with its ability to remove nuisance dust.

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Great Value

 The permanent filter made this model a definite choice of similar models with disposable filters. I took it out of the box as soon as I got home and within minutes I could already tell a difference in the air quality in the room. Even on high you can barely hear it and the oscillation provides a good range of coverage.

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Only Good for 2 Months

I bought my Air Purifier at Home Depot last July 16, 2013.

I loved it and it did what its for. but it just stop working.

Exacltly on the 16 of Sept my Honeywell air Purifier just stop working.  I did what the book said.  And I only did the minimal cleaning.  I just took out the first filter and just ran it in water, air dry and put it back.  


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Could Be Better

Ok while I think this machine purifies the air wonderfully, I am very disappointed because the motor that oscillates the unit went out after only 2 months. I was going to take it back to the store but they won't take it back. And in order to have the company possibily repair or replace it, if they deem it a defect, then I have to pay for the shipping to them with handling charges. Guess what for those charges I can just go buy another unit from another company.

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I dont notice a difference in the quality of air. The filter reset light as been on since the first time i cleaned it. The product is marketed as quiet and its far from that - mine makes a buzzing sound constantly. Very unhappy with the purchase considering I paid almost $200.00 for the product.

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I dont notice a difference in the quality of air. The filter reset light as been on since the first time i cleaned it. The product is marketed as quiet and its far from that - mine makes a buzzing sound constantly. Very unhappy with the purchase considering I paid almost $200.00 for the product.

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Good Filter

Good filter, covers an average size room. Lots of airflow. I sneeze a lot less now and see less dust in my house.

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recyle air

The machine is functional and very quite.

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Great product

I love this air purifier.  It's super quiet.

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Kaz Purifier

It works well, very quiet and our allergies are better.

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Air Purifier

I was recently in the hospital and they put one of your Air Purifiers in my room. I could breathe more easily. When I was discharged from the hospital, I went straight out and purchased one for my home. I plan on purchasing one for my upstairs. GREAT PRODUCT !!! 

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Good filter

Quiet and good airflow.


We intend on replaceing each and every tower fan in our house with one of these filters.  I hope they hold up to the 5 year warranty.

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I just puchased it, and I only have use it for about two days, and I'am very happy so far.

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This is my second unit.  The first was purchased 2-month ago. A clicking noise was noticeable every cycle of oscillation. When I called Kaz to report my problem they ask me to return it to the retail store where I puchased it.

Now I have the second unit working and it seems to be  quiter t.han the first unit.  We do enjoy it.

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I love my Honeywell Air purifier.  It's extemely quite which is great if you want to run it while you are sleeping...

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Not whisper quiet

I bought this product about three weeks ago after waking up with a stuffy nose (allergies) every night in my new home.  I turn on the unit before I go to bed and turn it off when I wake up.  So far, I wake up without my allergies acting up.  It's done its job.

HOWEVER... after one week of use the unit makes a weird rattling noise.  So it is no longer "whisper quiet" as advertised.  Which is why I bought this unit... I hate too much noise when I sleep.

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A Happy User

This air purifier is great, you can really enjoy the comfort of the pure air.  No sneezing any more.  The only draw back is the noise, it is supposed to be quiet, but in my opinion it is not that quiet.

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Very Quiet

I bought the QUIET CLEAN for 2 reasons, How quiet it would run and No extra filters to buy, I am allergic to most things green and need to run air filter full time all year.   I am very pleased with this unit.

Thanks so much!!!!!

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Nice and quiet

We recently purchased the Quietclean Oscillating Tower Air Purifier and so far are very happy with it.  We have a wood stove and decided to get an air purifier due to the dust the stove seems to produce and spread.  It is very quiet, even on the highest setting, and we like the oscillating feature which circulates the clean air .  We purchased this unit for upstairs, and had purchased a different unit for downstairs but are returning it because it is incredibly loud.  Most likely, we will be purchasing a second one of these units to use downstairs.

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Quality Product

Simple to use, immediate effect, rapidly circulates air throughout the room, low price.

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air purifier

the unit is quite and gets the job done. really like the washable filters

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Quietclean Air Purifier

It is very quiet, which I love. The best thing about this HFD-123-HD is the washable filters.  The washable filters sold me. I have 2 big dogs and this was perfect for us. 5 starts from my family !

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