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Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier Product Reviews

 HFD-110 QuietClean Tower Air Purifier

Model Number: HFD-110

Category: Air Purifiers

Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 28 in

Color: white

Room Size: 124 sq.ft. sq ft

Speeds: 3

Warranty: 5 year limited

Price: $199.99

Sale Price: $159.99

Save: $40.00 (20% off)

Honeywell QuietClean Tower Air Purifier Details

Nice Product!

Quiet operation.  Simple to use.  I took the filters out to see how difficult it was.  It was quite easy.  Both filters - pre-filter, and ifD filters are washable and permanent.  I am pleased with this purchase!

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new user

We have only been using it for almost a month, but so far have been quite satisfied.  We are very happy that the filters are reusable.

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smaller one

Was a dual purchase offer with one large and one small.  Small in elderly's room, large in large bedroom.  Doing great.  Tks.

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animal alergy

seems to work great so far.

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I have just purchased two of these model HFD-110 and they are as advertized.  Quiet ana do a great job for the price.  I would reccommend this unit to anyone.  By the way I have 7 Dobermans and a litter on the way. :)


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was a gift

christmas gift, a year ago. love it til it just stop working it just shut off and would not turn on. the tower is very clean I dont understand why it shut off:( HELP

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the large air cleaner

this is my first of this size.

medel HFD11OWHS   i dont know the seral number .

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Works great. Love unit. Threw out old one because I had to always buy filters. Now I wash and go!!!

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New Item Review

We had an older air purifier that finally just bit the dust and quit working altogether.  We watched HSN and saw the promotion of the Honeywell units.  Liked the idea of getting both a large unit (HFD110) and the smaller unit (HFD010) for less that we had paid for our old one.  Both units came in today and I set them up and checked them out. HSN did a good job on explaining all of the features and how to operate the units. Cleaning will definately be a LOT easier on these than it was on our old one.  Am really anxious to get a little down the road to see how much that they pick out of the air, but that will take a while.  At this time every thing about them seems on the plus side, with one little exception.  Both units make a little more noise than I had expected from the HSN showing.  Not as noisy as our old one had gotting though, so I'll probably get used to it.  They are very quiet on the low settings, but realizing that you have to move air to clean it, think I will try to cope with higher setting noise levels.


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great machine and nice and quiet

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air purifier

Just received two of them. Looks like really good quality, Honeywell is a well known brand so it should be.

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Product arrived damage-free.  Will see if it does the job.

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Great Unit

This has to be the best air cleaner I have ever owned. I would certainly recommend this unit to anyone that is looking to buy something that filters the air like nothing else. I have owned other units, and after getting this unit, I wouldn't own any other kind. The one filter is washable and the other 2 can be blown out, with a air compress, which will extend the life. Best of all, you don't have to buy those expensive replacement filters.  As a smoker, and someone who owns a animal, I would certainly recommend this unit. If I walk into the house, and I can smell any odor, then I know that either my filter needs to be washed out or I need to change my central heat and air filter or both. Again, it is fantastic! I have also bought units for my children and they too love theirs.       

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Its nice a quiet and compacted.  Easy to use.  Takes up less space then my older one.  Can use right out of the box.

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Bad Appilance

I brought a model HFD-112 and I think the motor is bad and I cannot fine no on to talk to about this problem.If some have the same problem please email me.

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Works well, but now the light to clean the filter won't shut off

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It does everything that it states on the box and instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Quiet Clean Tower

I have had this for about 3 weeks and I like it a lot. I've noticed a decrease in the amount of dust, odors, and cat hairs floating around, it's quiet, and a good value. 

I recommend it.

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So Far So good

Seem to being doing it job a little loud

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Compact design and quiet

So far, I am very happy with all 4 purchased.  I bought 3 models HFD-010 and 1 HFD-110 for various rooms.  I notice a reduction in dust throughout the house and I feel like the air must be cleaner from plooen than non-purified air.

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Doctor Recommended

When I heard that the Honeywell Quiet clean Air Purifiers were highly recommended by Doctors, I knew I just had to have it.  It is my first using the HoneyWell Air Purifiers and it did not take not even one minute to smell the clean air in my living room after the air purifier was plugged in and turned on for first time.  I'm just loving the fresh cleanliness.  Thank you HoneyWell for a quality product and for my health.  Money well spent.

Roland Balli

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Honeywell air purifier

Just receicied mine today so dont know how well they work but like the way they look and the fans speed are pretty quiet . Will come back  later and finish my review. The price was good also got one big one and one smaller one for $190, from HSN.  Also like the washable filters. If they work good then Ill be happy.

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Air Purifier

Works really quiet, and purifies the air very good.

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Great Buy

I thought I would try a different type of air purifier from my previous one and this is very quiet. I do wish besides having the timer to cut it off it had a timer to turn it back on but a good buy!

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So far looks good

Just received your product today.  Will see if it helps my wifes allergies.  Controls are straight forward, filter maintenance looks reasonable,  unit has nice appearance.  Four stars based on these observations.  Fifth star if it helps.

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Air Filter

works good

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Air Purifier

When I purchased this air purifiers it was noisey and only got worse. Now it is not working and I will need to return. I seems to clean the air of dust so I am disappointed it only lasted less than one year.

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Honeywell Purifier

I've had my purifier for about a week,LOVE IT, alot less dust,and smells better!

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Air Purifiers HFD-010

Your air purifier was easy to start just take it out of the box and plug it in. I just plugged the purifier in 15 minutes ago so I don't know if it cleans the air or not. I'll have to let you know in a couple months if it works.

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Air Tower

I just bought this unit at Sam's that came with a small tower unit. Well less than 24 hours the little unit is not working. I have cleaned the filters, but still no power light will come on.  Needless to say I am not very happy. I will contact Customer service in the morning. Hopefully they will be responsive.

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blows air

Ever since I've had this, approximately one month, it has been blowing out air.  It's like sitting in front of a fan.  I'm not sure if it's just a defect, but will be returning this machine shortly to the store where it was bought and hopefully get a refund.


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not happy

I purchased the bundle pack from sams club and was less then impressed.  I''ve use several (about 5 air filters before) for uses in smoking and nonsmoking households.  I would not suggest this unit for either use.  I had to send my unit in to be replaced and we sent a unit that we extremely noiser than the original.  Poor customer care and poor equipment!

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Noisy & malfunctioning fan



I have returned the product. Thank you for the prepaid UPS label.


The equipment has some problem with the fan.  It makes a rhythmic sound apparently due to some interference with the rotation.


Also, I prefer no fan, since the filter machine is for th bedroom.  Even with a well functioning fan, the machine is noisy.

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So Far So Good

I've only used the air purifier for a few weeks, but so far everything runs great.  It's very quiet and light weight, easy to move from room to room.  I'll know more after I clean the filter for the first time.

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Very nice so far

I just started using it It is very quiet just a fan running and it is very nice looking,bigger than what i thought which is a good thing easy to understand operation. I like the timer feature where it shuts off by itself after setting it so far so good

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Problem with Pre-Filter

I just got this as a gift for Xmas and went to clean the filter for the first time and noticed that it has a defect.

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Model HFD-110 Air Purifier

Have only recently purchased product but found it extremely quiet compared to others I have had. Attractive case ("appearance"), and air volume movement as well as other built in conveniences such as timer and variety of speed , very convenient.

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Honeywell HFD-110 QuietClean Tower Air Purifier

Purchased this item brought it home plugged it in and within hours the quality of the air had improved by 75%. It is also great at keeping the dust on your furniture down.

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Noticed the air quality difference within the first 24 hours of installation. Expect greater results as time goes by.

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good product

the first unit that we purchesed started to make noise I contacted the service dept and they were happy to replace it I sent it back and they sent me an updated version very good company to do business with I would recomend them to anybody that is looking for this type of product.

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Good product

nice and quiet does a good job will recomend to all

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good buy

I have the purifier for almost a year now, I have no complaint. very quiet and easy to clean. I have it on 24 hours a day during the summer, I don't have any problems.

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Honeywell HFD-110 QuietClean Tower Air Purifie

I really like this product. I can see how much dirt I was breathing in before. Now I am certain i am breathing purified air. Thanks to this product.

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I can't seem to find our model number, HFD-112, so I just picked the 110. Looks the same. I love it and it's really strong. I never thought of buying one, but I am happy I did.

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I purchased this Honeywell Quiet Clean Air Purifier about two week ago.  I researched Purifiers for months, and finally came to the conclusion that Honeywell was by far the best.  This air purifier meets all its advertising plus!  It is super quiet, uses little electricity, and results are seen within hours. This is an A+ piece  of equipment.  I decided to purchase this air purifier thru The Kaz web site.  Their customers service was the deciding factor.  I will buy Honeywell and order thru this site when I need a product they offer.  I recommend Honeywell and the kaz site 100%.

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Bought HFD-110 & HFD-015 as a package from Sam's Club. The HFD-105 is relatively quiet, the HFD-110 sounds as if the blades on the blower are out of balance.

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HFD-110 Purifier

This is my second registration for this item as I hadn't noticed the model number and serial number request the first time I tried to register the item and I had gone into the registration process a second time thinking that I should have been asked to provide this information. My comments that I made this first time about this product are still valid however.

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Seems to be working well so far.

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Air Putifer

Its not quite like I wanted. You hear the fan blowing air.

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Immediate Relief

I am a care giver for a stroke victim who has allergies . She experienced immediate relief after only 15-20 minutes the appliace was on. We have a large den and it has changed the air in this large area. I am pleased with the unit so far.

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Honeywell HFD-110

The air purifier is quiet and does a great job filtering the air.  I am very satisfied with my

purchase of the air purifier.


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