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Honeywell HEPAClean® Germ Fighting Air Purifier with Odor Reduction Product Reviews

 HHT-145 HEPAClean® Germ Fighting Air Purifier with Odor Reduction

Model Number: HHT-145

Category: Air Purifiers

Dimensions: 11 x 10 x 30 in

Color: Pearl White

Room Size: 185 sq ft

Speeds: 12

Warranty: 5 Year Limted

Price: $269.99

Sale Price: $239.99

Save: $30.00 (11% off)

Honeywell HEPAClean® Germ Fighting Air Purifier with Odor Reduction Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

A great addition to my home!

I love my Honeywell HHT-145! 

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Very quiet

Nice product ,very quiet

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Since we purchase this air purifier its improved our health.

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So far the air cleaner has been great, My wife and I can feel the difference in the air quality. Its making us feel better and sleep better. 

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I just purchased the item so I am not too sure how it works

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HHT 145

My husband purchased this air cleaner for our bedroom as I have asthma.  It worked beautifully until after I cleaned it with the vacuum and I went to reset the filter switch it did not click and therefore the cleaning bar says dirty and it isn't. Also it doesn;t oscillate anymore neither.  I hope someone can help me as I need another one and it is still under a warranty. I love Honeywell products.

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Broken Unit

I purchased a Honeywell model HHT-145 about a year ago and after 6 monthes it stopped working. The power button will not turn the unit on at all. I never even had it working long enough to replace the filters. This machine was suppossed to have a lifetime warrenty as well. Can someone please contact me and let me know how to get it replaced or fixed?





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This is our second one.  It truly cleans the air.  It also removes odors in the apartment, ex.cooking etc.  A great product.

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the HHT-145 is a piece of junk

I purchased the Honeywell HHT-145 air purifier a couple of years ago because of my respiratory condition, at first it worked like a charm, until the filters got dirty, I tried cleaning them but no sooner did I put them back in it said they were full again, I went back to the store where I purchased the HHT-145, they did not have replacement  filters, and was unable to find them any where, I finally found new filters, when I replaced the old ones after sitting for about a year, I turned it on and turned up the cleaning power, it shut right down, every time I try to use it now it either shuts down right away or I have problems getting it to work, now, it don't work at all, so much for the $225.00 Honeywell HHT-145 air purifier, oh yeah, it really stopped working after the warranty expired

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Whisper Quiet Air Purifier HHT-149C

Very quie. A very pleasant background hum. An immediate & very noticable difference in the better quality of the room air.

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Great Air Purifier

Could smell fresh clean air the first day. With Ionization and UV this is the best purifier on the market. And Quiet too!! Perfect

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works great

love it

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HHT-145 Early Review

This is my first air purifier so am unsure as to what I should expect. It is a very quiet running product and in its early use seems to perform as advertised. We have found that it is very good at eliminating cooking odors and does appear to do a satisfactory job of cleaning the dust particles from the air. We are using it in a larger room than specified so that is alos a plus.

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broke down

your product broke down on me after a year :(

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Honeywell HEPA/Clean tower

Great product! We have two cats and we have found that this tower really cleans up the air. We use it in the entire attic space, which is carpeted.

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Feels Fresh

Our new air purifier arrived while I was in the hospital for the birth of our daughter.  My husband set it up.  I am sure he did not read any instrutions and I think it is working properly so it is pretty simple to use.  When I got home I noticed a positive difference in the air immediately.  It is a little fatter than I expected and needs to be a few feet away from the wall so it is not as space conscious as I had hoped, or as easy to tuck away from curious little fingers.  Also, like my previous purifier, it does make the room noticably colder.  We turn it down during the day to help keep a comfortable temperature.  The strength settings are great for that.  My two year old was born with lung problems so clean air is a priority for us.  Overall, I feel very confident that this machine greatly benefits our family.

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So far so good! Nice and quite. I can already feel the difference in my breathing after 24 hours. Love the oscillation and speed options and the easy care of vacuuming the HEPA filters or replacing them. Great size compared to the large round models that are much louder and require expensive replacement filters and pre-filters. Would like to see this model with the "energy Star" efficiency rating, though.

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Clean Air Advocate

Just got it, so too hard to give feedback so soon, but I've read good reviews and have expectations of being delighted.

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Scottish girl

My Honeywell HHT145 tower air purifier has improved the quality of my apt. air, that is filled with second-hand tobacco smoke, by about 50-60%. It is pretty fast in reducing the odor, but can't keep up with the odor 100%.

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Great Product...

A Must Have!!!
Its amazing how all the odors og away, the cigar and the pets odor are really gone. After a night where a lot of people have being smoking on your house, you leave it on for the night and on the next morning it will be smelling fresh. I must say that don't smoke

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Your product worked out really well for the first 2 weeks, was dead silent, Quiet as advertised, but after 2 weeks the fan seems to have become very loud, tried playing with the filters, making sure everything was aligned no luck. Tried a different one same issue after 2 weeks.



Overall it does do a great job! It filters out pollen wonderfully, my allergies seem non existent in my place! Good product but doesn't seem to last.

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Great product design. Smaller that it looks on the website and impressive with the number of features: prefilter, washable hepa filters, ionizer, UV lights, 12 fan speeds, oscillation and good backlighting. Only negative would be the air does not come straight forward from the outlet. When looking at the front, it is directed at about 60 degrees to the left.

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Air filter

The unit initially had some switches that prevented it from working correctly.  The problem was eventually solved and is the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars.  It works great now and also thanks to responsive support from Kaz!

Derek Blackshare


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Love It!

We have had wild fires in our area for several weeks. I have several lung diseases. I was almost ready to go to the ER when my Honeywell HEPAClean came in the mail. I can honestly say that within an hour I had did not have to go to the ER. I am grateful to have it and would recomend it to everyone, with or without lung problems. I noticed also that it filters and moves the air so well that we have been able to turn our air conditioner down about 6 degrees because it gets too cool. That is a plus in Texas.

Sincerely, Joyce in Texa

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The product is broken already, that's why im registering it for a warrenty return. Obviuosly im not impressed cause it broke down.

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