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Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier Product Reviews

 50255-HD True HEPA Air Purifier

Model Number: 50255-HD

Category: Air Purifiers

Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 19

Color: Black

Room Size: Large (17' x 23') 390 sq.ft. 

Speeds: 3

Warranty: 5 Year Limited

Price: $178.00

Honeywell True HEPA Air Purifier Details

Temporarily Out Of Stock

Allergen remover

This product works great.

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Ihave trouble with the internet and was unable to do this over the phone

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I've had this unit for 2 days and I love it!

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OK Product

I really like the product, it cleans the air quite well in a large room. 

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Really works

I have the 50255-HD and it eliminates the cigarette smoke that comes into my apartment from my neighbor. No more allergy symptoms. However, it is not as quiet as I would like. It's alright, but at times I have to turn it off to give myself a break. If you can make the same product that works with less noise, I would buy it. That's the only reason I don't give it 5 stars. Thanks.

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So far this thing is great! The air feels better already!

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Honeywell Air purifier 50255-HD

Has done wonders, with allergies and with having a son that has asthma it sure has helped him with his breathing. I'm confident that the air that he now breaths is healthier for him than before.

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Honeywell Air Purifier

This past January 2013 I suddenly became ill with a respiratory infection that made me quite sensitive to the air in my home. Though I use high quality filters on my furnace/air conditioner, these were insufficient.

I tried a Holmes small air purifier in the mid-1990's that really did not help with removing particles near where I was sitting at the computer and cleaning was necessary just about every day. This was in the back of my mind when I had to urgently look for an air purifier due to the respiratory infection's increased difficulty of breathing and constant coughing.

I went to several retail stores comparing other companies' products and wasn't quite happy about the permanent filters with no replacements. I went to Home Depot and found several types of air purifiers by Honeywell and chose the Model 50255-HD to place in my livingroom which is adjacent to the kitchen and dining area. Though this area is open, it becomes dusty faster due to my home facing a busy street. The furnance filter is having less particles to absorb and allows for cleaner air into the bedrooms as well as cleaner returned air to the living room, kitchen and dining area.

Since the purchase of the Honeywell air purifier, the air has been amazingly better; the product's filter picks up cat dander and fur and other particles; it is easy to use the sweeper tool and suction clean the pre-filter; and the product's light weight makes it easy for lifting while sweeping the carpet.

Should I need another air purifier in the bedrooms, I certainly will purchase the smaller version of Honeywell's products.

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quality air

Produces great air quality! I keep it running 24/7 and have noticed a huge difference. My allergies have subsided, and I'm able to breathe clearly (no more wheezing). Does a great job of eliminating pet dander, pet smells and household dust.

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Really powerful!

I have been using the air purifier in my bedroom for a few days, and can feel a real change in air quality. The neighbor in an ajoining apartment is a heavy smoker, and since the building isn't air-tight, I have been smelling her smoke coming into my room. The air smells much cleaner now, and even on the daytime setting, it isn't very noisy! Thanks for a great product!

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This baby has eliminated the need for so much allergy medicine.  It has been one of my best purchases I've made in a while.  Thanks!

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Doing good so far right after getting out of box. Pretty simple to take care of and operate.

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Air Purifier

So far it's doing the job it is suppose to do.

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Nice Air Purifier

Works very well!

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California Fires

We have been dealing with the Northern California fires and finally had to get a filter to clean out the smoke from living in the valley. we chose this unit for its ability to do the whole house. my husband put it together easily and plugged it in.  with in a few minutes we could tell the smoke smell was less.  and in just one day when we go from the outside smoke to inside the house and the smell throughout is a lot better and clean. !!!

thanks for making a great product.


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True Hepa Air Purifier

I've only had it for 5 days. But I can tell there is a difference in the air in our home. I like that it has several speeds. I leave it on the middle one while away from the house. So it can do more cleaning. But once i'm home and watching TV I had it on low. I was able to find an extra filter for it very easily at another store near by. My allergy doctor highly recommended this for me.

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A very nice filter. I think this is what I was looking for to filter cat dander. I cound not find a s/n on the filter. Here are some numbers I did find. 3F49 and P/N N.0371.

Could the S/N be on the carton?



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So Far...SO GOOD!!

Just got it today but my husband, who has COPD, and I both feel that the air quality has improved. Maybe I won't have to dust tomorrow! 

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Love it!

My wife has severe asthma and has used a Honeywell air purifier for several years. Our last one made it 5 years operating 24 hours a day before it gave up. We are looking forward to several more years with our new one.

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my review

I'm so glad about this product. I would recommend this product to others.

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Clears the Air

Purchased a Honeywell True HEPA Allergen Remover Air Purifier, Model # 50255-HD.

Powered it up, and noticed an imediate diffence in air quality, after only twenty minutes.

The unit works great.  You need to keep an eye on the Pre-Filter, and change, when needed.  The Air Purifier really cleans the air in my room.  Great Product.........

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True Hepa Allergen Remover

Tough to say. It worked fine for several weeks but then a starnge smell came from the purifier when we ran it. Changed the filter, but still the same smell.

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50255-HD Air Purifier

     I have bad allergies to house dust and they can be acting up when the furnace is running during our winter months.   Your air purifier is doing a great job and I notice the difference in air quality.  Thanks and have a great day, Scott

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keeping my computer and bird area cleaner

I got this  5025-HD Air Purifier to keep the dust minimum from my birds and also to keep my new computer as clean as possible.  So far I notice much less lint flying around.  In addition, i am mopping my floor often to help this air purifier do its work.  I am hoping, as the unit is on 24/7, that it is not taking a lot of electricity.  I would additionally be interested in buying a humidifier for the same room.  Should I order my replacement Honeywell pre-filter and HEPA filters from you or from Home Depot?  Thank you. 

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True Hepa LG Room Air Puifier

So far this puirfier has been great.  You can see all the dust particles in the air going straight to the puifier.  I would highly reccomend this product.

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Honeywell 50255-HD

The Honeywell Air Purifier 50255-HD works well in the living room. It's a larger space and I am a new user and will post future comments once I've used it for several months.  My initial comment is great and I've noticed a difference in the allergen removals and reduction of dust and particals in the room.

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Have only had it a few days.  Seems to be keeping dust down.  Haven't received electric bill.  Wish it was energy star.

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