Ultra Technology with 4 heat settings - King size
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HP980-12-3P
Product ID: a2994e0f99458b60cbb0d2e3fe7707c4
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Ultra Heating Pad

Model Number: HP980-12-3P
Category: Heating Pads
Dimensions: 12.00" x 0.00" x 24.00" in
Color: Blue/White
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Price: $39.99
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SoftHeat relaxes muscles and relieves joint pain and soreness. By increasing blood flow to the injury area, heat therapy can help accelerate healing. Finally, heat can effectively warm and loosen stiff muscles before exercise.

Ultra's advanced time-release moisture technology provides deeper heat penetration than dry heat alone. Moist heat is physician recommended. Ultra uses state-of-the-art microchip technology to eliminate spikes and maintain a more comfortable, even heat

  • 4 heat settings
  • Comfortform pad contours to your body
  • Ultrasoft quilted pad for extra comfort
  • SmartHeat Technology maintains a comfortable even heat
  • Longer reach 10 foot cord
  • Entire pad is machine washable
  • Lifetime warranty

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Ships today if you purchase 2nd or 3rd day shipping and your order is completed before 1PM EST

Customer Reviews

Ultra Heating Pad
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love it !

i purchased this item for my mom  , she said works great . she love it . i am going to get another one for me .

Awesome Product

My husband and I suffer medical problems whereby neither of us could live without a heating pad or two to help alleviate our aches and pains on a daily basis.  We have honestly tried just about every type/style/design of heating pads on the market, and we both agree, this heating pad is hands down the best and only heating pad we care to or will use. We love: that the thick, quilted pad is all one item, with no removeable cover;  the larger king size; the advanced technology of using the heat moist or dry; that it's fully machine washable, and for us, the price doesn't matter when you feel the product is superior to every thing else you've ever tried. We litterly go through hoops just to purchase this particular heating pad in our local area, sometimes without success. We also think that the reviewer titled "Stinks" unfortunately received a pad that 'by a fluke' wasn't working as required, and we encourage "Stinks" to give this pad another try.  Most of us have bought our share of products that didn't work as they should, and we simply returned the item for  replacement or exchange. Anyone who uses a heating pad on a regular basis, will not regret giving this pad a try.  We have never had to order this product online, but today we find ourselves needing to do just that



Heating Pad
Your Heating pad works better than I expected. Thank you for producing such great products!!!
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