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Deluxe Heating Pad

Model Number: HP750
Dimensions: 12" x " x 15" in
Color: Blue/White
Warranty: 5 year warranty
Price: 26.99
Sale Price: 12.99
Save: $14.00 (51% off)
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Heating Pad purchase

I am very happy with the heating pad that I bought.  I find the quality of the product is very good and the price can't be beat.  I suffer from connective tissue disorder as well as muscle problems and use my heating pad daily.  Considering how often the heating pad is in use, it is long lasting and doesn't have to be replaced as often as other manufacturers products.  Thank you and I will order again.

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Great heating pad - I particularly love the automatic off. It has helped with my neck problem.

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great  heating pad, heats up really well at highest setting.  best yet.

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Excellent Heating Pad!

This has to be one of the best heating pads I've ever owned!  The heat is excellent and makes my joints feel so much better.  I would never dream of buying another brand again.

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heating Pad

Great heating pad, it really heats up...best one yet!

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SoftHeat Heating Pad

This is a great heating pad - heats up quickly, conforms well to body & you can tie it to stay in place.  Also has auto shut-off, which is an important safety feature.

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Nice Choice

I bought this item and it really does heat up quickly.  The ties are a nice feature. I haven't used the moist pad feature, but I am happy with this product so far.  I was a little nervous ordering from the site, but I received the item within a week or less and everything was fine.

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Softheat 750C

Works WONDERFULLY to get heat on my back. Have fibro so this is a lifesaver in this cold weather. Cover is very plush and the pad for moist heat is great. Just love it & price is VERY reasonable.

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Owner of said product



I rec. the HP 750C Soft Heat Deluxe Heating Pad.  Liked it from day one, looks to be better made thus the Deluxe as it is called more than lives up to its name.


Easy to use,longer cord,auto shut off, and well made with a very good warranty.

Also which has gotten to be important is fee Shipping!!!

Have found it to be a very fine product and am as I write this going to order a couple more.



All in all I would suggest to any one looking for a good heating pad, this is the one to order.

Also I rec. it in very short order.

David H. Wakefield


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I suffer from chronic back pain and have been since I was a child. The heating pad helps relax my muscles from a long day.  I love the auto shut off after two ho urs because I know me I would keep it on 24 hours straight. I also appreciate the 5-year warranty on my brand as Kaz honors defective models. My broke about a month ago and I was sent a new one within a week.  Thanks so much!

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Heating pad

I use heating pads on a daily basis.  The one I purchased is a backup to the larger one I bought from Kaz some time ago.  This way, I am always assured of having a heating pad available at all times.  I find that the Kaz pads are the ones that have lasted me the longest.  They are constantly in use, sat on, water spilled on them and it takes a long time for them to give up the ghost.  This one meets my expectations and I believe I will get the same continuous wear that I always have from Kaz products.


The heating pad heats up to very warm on the highest setting, yet does not burn the skin.  I like to put it on one notch below the highest setting.  Also, I do not have the problem with the blue protective cover staying on Kaz heating pads.  This is very secure compared with other pads.  Overall, I am totally satisfied with my purchase.  Thank you.

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Back pain threat

After spending really long time resaerching all availble option at the stores and online I'v decided to by this item and I am really glad that I made this decision. All the fancier "plush" options are preactcally non-washable. They suggest you to wash it alltogether with the cord disconnected, but I just do not belive in such things like washing electirc items. The less fancier options are usually cheaply made, especially when it comes to covers. This one has a decent cover. It has the only features I need and has no features,m which I don't need. The best feature of this heating pad is that it threatens back pain so much, so it is just not coming since I got this heater. I used it in order to test and does whatever it supposed to wery well.

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Heating Pad

Very satisified with the product for quality and price!!!!

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Heating Pad

The product is worth it with the price.

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Heat cushion

I love it!

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works great

This heating pad is great. Well made very easy to use. It dos'nt cost a bundle. Great product.

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Always use the SoftHeat heating pad. The product at a great price.

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Good value, good product.  Heats up quickly and shuts off after one hour.  I would have preferred a slightly larger pad but have no complaints.  It gets the job done.

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Great Product

I love it

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Love it, Mom!

Researched and ordered your heating pad.  Just got this response from my daughter:  "LOVE  it, Mom!  Can you find an even bigger one?

Will be orderi

ng more! 

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works great, does as it was described..the best.

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I have 3 pads and like them immensly.'



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Heating Pad Review

I love this heating pad! I had another Kaz heating pad for a long time, and it finally needed to be replaced. I replaced the old one with a similar one, but this new one is bigger. The only cons I've found so far are that it doesn't get as hot as the old one did, and the cover leaves blue fuzz all over. Other than that, no complaints.

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The product was what I wanted. It arrived in a timely manner, and works well.


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Nicer features

I got this heating pad to replace an older Kaz pad. This pad has some nicer features like the auto shutoff after one hour. In the dark it is easy to see which heat setting I've picked because the light gets progressively wider with the higher settings. The control is close to the pad and easy to find. But the best feature is they fixed the way the control attaches to the wires. On the older unit there was nothing to relieve the stress of where the wires attach to the circuit board. While using the older designed heating pad one day, I turned over and yanked the wire right off the circuit board.  This unit fixes that problem. There are blue grommits on both sides of the control that relieve the stress of where the circuit board attaches to the wires. I'm hoping to have many years of use from this heating pad.

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I like it.
I got it as a b-day gift and i like it.
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nice settings

 I love the heat settings on this heating pad. I usually start with the hottest (the 4th option) so it heats up fastest and then work my way down if it's too hot. It's also perfect to fall asleep with because of the auto shut off. The cover has not been very helpful to me though.

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heating pad

Everything is just as expected which makes it near perfect. The only reason that I did not give it 5 stars was the lack of a complete off selection. There is a red light that is always on. However small, it is a waste of energy. I do not like leaving any electric item with current running at all times.

Thank you for listening

Merle Griffith


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Great soothing HEAT!
Would have gotten 5, but not made for neck. Heats rapidly, has soft feel, and eases tight muscles. Go ahead, buy one.
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heating pad

neat product, looks well made, good material but size of cover for

larger pad is a bit too tight.

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Heating Pad

 My HP750 works well and I use it all the time.  It is rugged and can stand accidental abuse.

My only wish is that it could use a little more power on the HIGH setting.

The controls work well and auto-shut-off is great.

I also wish the control was closer to the pad  for convience.



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heating pad

I much preferred the control panel from my old Kax heating pad but this one is sufficient and does

turn off automatically which is very important function I highly recommend to anyone buying ANY

heating pad.  I HATED the covering.  Could not stand the feel of the material. Gave me the creeps.

I was able to switch it out with the cover from my old Kax heating pad and my painful arthritic joints

welcome the heat every evening while enjoying tv programs. 

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Excellent product

Very good product. Easy to use. Fast and convenient shipping.

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A little more cheaply made than I had expected.

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nice product

This heating pad is nicely designed. Easy to use and does a nice job warming up most body parts where they're covered with the pad. 

I originally ordered this for my eyes. I wanted an electric heated eye mask replacing the conventional method of doing hot compress. Using a hot towel to do hot compress takes a lot of time and work. I search all over the internet but couldn't find one anywhere. When I found SoftHeat, I thought I would give it a try even though I knew it was not designed as an eye mask. The result was disappointing. It's just not hot enough for eye compress. I wish someone would design and sell nice electric heated eye masks. It will benefit a lot of people out there who need to do hot eye compress on a regular basis. 

So, I've been using this pad for warming up the tummy and it does a nice job. I use it on a cold day when I'm lounging in the livingroom. Cozy! 

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Product is exactly as advertised

Heat pad works great as advertised.  I could not be more happy with this purchase.  Shipment was prompt.

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Good heating pad just wish you could lay on it when your lower back hurts!

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love my MaxHeat
I love that I can do dry heat or moist and I love that is can be cleaned so easly.
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I bought a model HP218-12-3P nine months ago. I love the product and it helps me reducing my stiff muscles. However the heat is not heat enough even I switch to high and the heat is gone completely.
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Heating Pad
this heating pad works very well but i am currently having issues but as soon as they are resolved i will still continue to use this company.
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Falla en Equipo
Compre en dias anteriores una Heating Pad, en el Wallmark de FLorida del Doral y funciono perfectametne durante unos dias y luego dejo de calentar la resistencia. Leyeendo el manual me indica que el equipo tiene garantia por 5 anos, agrdeaco me puedan indicar cual es el tramite para hacer efectiva dicha garantia. Yo me encuentro en Colombia, tengo facilidad de la direccion de la direccion de Miami, que es una oficina de la empresa en que laboro. Me sale muy costoso hacer el envio alli, quedo atento a sus indicaciones para ver como debo proceder
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First time user
Haven't tried it yet, but on observation I like the tie on straps and the in-store value of the product.
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The heating pad I purchased June 2013 no longer works. Please refund or send replacement. Purchased at Walmart on Chapman Hwy, Knoxville, Tn. Warranty is listed as the above name and address at 205 Abner Cruze Rd., Knoxville,TN 37920.

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Heating Pad Delux

This pad is somewhat disappointing given that it is called a Delux model.  Good that it has 4 settings rather than the usual 3  However, when it is switched off, a red light remains on the wand, which remains warm, so it is drawing some electricity and also makes it unwise to leave under the bedding as i usually do.  The cover has one one plush side  The big problem is the wire.  The wire is inflexible and tends to tangle and twist.  Heating pad wires  should use the same  flexible electric wires as Irons.   I was hoping the Delux meant a good wire as well as a plush cover. but no.



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Smaller than shown

Smaller than shown and really not that great


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 This unit doesn't get hot enough. Another maker states theirs is 165 degrees on high. I tested this one and it only gets to 140 degrees. I'm taking it back.

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Power Supply
NOT specified - whether could work under ~220ACV (50 Hz) or not.
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poor website and ordering dept

There should be a easier way to either order off the website or calling by phone. Its very difficult to place a order online and to call and place a order over the phone when the item you want isn't even in the ordering system. That is bs.

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This heating pad has two speeds already broken since September and this is April.
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stopped working
It stopped working after 5 months.
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