Deluxe Technology with 4 heat settings
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HP750
Product ID: aee0f7f7a001403cdd6364aab97311b8
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Deluxe Heating Pad

Model Number: HP750
Category: Heating Pads
Dimensions: 12.00" x 0.00" x 15.00" in
Color: Blue/White
Warranty: 5 year warranty
Price: $26.99
Sale Price: 12.99
Save: $14.00 (51% off)
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SoftHeat relaxes muscles and relieves joint pain and soreness. By increasing blood flow to the injury area, heat therapy can help accelerate healing. Finally, heat can effectively warm and loosen stiff muscles before exercise.

Physicians recommend moist heat for deeper heat penetration than dry heat alone. SoftHeat moist models include an Aquifiertm time-released moisture technology sponge which holds water for more effective moist heat.

  • 4 heat settings
  • SmartHeat™ Technology for fast heat upand more even heat
  • 60 minute auto shut-off
  • Moist or dry heat
  • Longer 9' cord
  • Deluxe plush cover with ties to hold in place
  • 5 year warranty

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Ships today if you purchase 2nd or 3rd day shipping and your order is completed before 1PM EST

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Customer Reviews

Deluxe Heating Pad
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Heating Pad purchase

I am very happy with the heating pad that I bought.  I find the quality of the product is very good and the price can't be beat.  I suffer from connective tissue disorder as well as muscle problems and use my heating pad daily.  Considering how often the heating pad is in use, it is long lasting and doesn't have to be replaced as often as other manufacturers products.  Thank you and I will order again.


Great heating pad - I particularly love the automatic off. It has helped with my neck problem.


great  heating pad, heats up really well at highest setting.  best yet.

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