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50 Watt Replacement Bulb

Model Number: B8080
Dimensions: 3" x 2" x 16"
Price: 19.99
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Stinger Replacement Bulbs

Product was easily ordered online with very quick FREE shipping!! A great company with great products! Very happy with my replacement purchase!

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Stinger Stinger Replacement Bulb B8080 for UV801

Replacement bulb worked great and was easy to install.

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Stinger UV801

We bought our Stinger UV801 last fall for our large yard in eastern North Carolina, but it was a little late in the season to really tell how well it worked.  We hung it up again in early spring and it has been running 24/7 and killing mosquitoes by the (literally) millions.  One bulb went bad about four weeks ago, but the unit kept killing with the other bulb alone.  We ordered a new one from KAZ and received it in only a few days, back in business. Now the second bulb has gone, but we expect the same quick order processing and shipping as we received before, and of course the Stinger is still killing mosquitos with the other bulb.  The unit has allowed us to spend more time outside than we have ever had in previous years.  We are highly satisfied and have recommended it to friends.

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Bug Lights Replacement Bulb

Bulbs worked great, exactly as advertised. Great packaging and quick shipping. Great suctomer support. Will order from KAZ again.

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Bug light bulbs

The bulbs arrived in excellent condition this time & are working fine.

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Replacement bulbs
Speedy service
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Stinger Light Bulbs

Brand New, worked great, nicely packed.  will order again

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Stinger 50 Watt Replacement Bulb

Product worked exactly as expected.

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Zap IT replacement bulbs

Worked like they are meant to.

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Easy to find and purchase on the internet.

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Great Item

Great item. Only place that I know top get them.

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insect Bulb

The bulbs were properly pack in the box. It has a long lasting light which it does not need to be replaced so soon.  I have been using this insect control for quite some time. I would recommend it to everyone who has a insect problem. thank You

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I had great customer service ordering the Insect Control bulbs, but 1 of the new bulbs only lasted 2 weeks. I know they are "not guaranteed", but I would expect any bulb to last more than 2 weeks - especially when they cost $15 each...

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Replacement Buld

The new bulbs I ordered I put in the new Zapper you sent me last year and both were out within 2 seconds.  Maybe you need to check your items out more closely before you send them. The Zapper I only received last August and just ordered 2 new bulbs and neither work. 

I guess I will have to try another brand.

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Stinger replacement bulbs

Bought this light 07/2012, did not last the first year, bulbs burned out.  Son wanted one, ordered one for him and same problems with it! Ordered new bulbs this year and flashed one time when first plugged up and does not work. Piece of trash, light and bulbs. Would not buy another one and would most certain would not recommend it to others!

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