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15 Watt Replacement Bulb

Model Number: B1515
Dimensions: 8" x 4" x 1"
Price: 9.99
Ships today if you purchase 2nd or 3rd day shipping and your order is completed before 1PM EST

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good service

prompt delivery, good deal, no hassles

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Received in a very timely manner and very well packed.  Affordable for a difficult to locate item.

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The order went through without any problems and took the discount code just fine.  I installed the new lamp and it works great.

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The kaz Company

My review will actually be for the kaz Company as a whole, not just this product.

You see, I bought this bulb because I thought my old bulb had burnt out. However, as it turned out, it was not the bukb at all, it was the bug killer itself. kaz Company has replaced the bug killer so I am very pleased and will buy from them in the future. In this day, it is rare to find a company who will stand behind a product even when you cannot prove to them it was still in warranty.

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UV15 bug zapper

I have had this thing hanging outside - "on" - for over a year - through rain, sleet, hail and snow and lots of wind, being used in the Panhandle of Texas -  and the bulb has just recently quit.   I can't say how well it works but I do know that it  is certainly a tough little thing.  Therefore, I am now ordering a new bulb because I cannot remember where it was purchased. 

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B15 bulb


The bulb is nice, but thought my old one had cratered - however, guess the zapper was the one that was a gonner - so now I have two bulbs - and need a new unit.


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i found that  after going to Lowes,Home Depot , and walmart... that at Kaz... was about a $1.00 or two cheeper then any of those places... and much faster in there shipping to get it to me... I plan on buying from them again.  Only they do not carry Parts for my Bug Zapper... But they are a good place to deal with just the same...

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Zappin bugs here

I needed to get a new bulb for my Stinger zapper and needed it quickly. Kaz came through with flying colors and the bulb is the exact replacement. Instructions were included even though it's very simple to change out and didn't use them. It's working great and frying lots of bugs. Thanks Kaz for your great service, keep up the good job!

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15w replacement bulb

the ordering and delivery process went well

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Light is on.

The bulb works well in attracting insect pests. I was unable to find that type of bulb anywhere in this area and found the price with shipping to be very reasonable.

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Insect Light

Good replacement light at a reasonable cost. Can't buy these locally.

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UV15 Bulb Replacement from KAZ On Line Store

Purchased two of the 15 Watt Replacement Bulbs and used one due to the one in our outdoor insect zapper was way over a year old and would hardly come on. The other is for a spare. At the beginning of warm weather I try to remember to replace the bulb and the starter inside the unit every two years. Our unit is over 20 years old and still working fine. Made minor modifications years ago so that I can replace the starter very easy. Other than that the unit just keeps ticking along. I have always replaced the bulb with one from Stinger due to the unit being a Stinger for 1/2 acre. I located it in the back yard under the roof of our shed so it never get wet. It is located between the wooded area and the areas we use and it does a great job of keeping the insects away. 

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personalmente los productos son muy buenos y muy conveniente para mi lo tengo y me facinan y estoy muy satifecha y los recomiendo que lo usen.
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Black light bulb
Acquiring the bulbs through Kaz was easy and the price was in the range I expected. With the free shipping, through joining uSave and getting the 10% discount, it paid for a second bulb! None of the major stores in Bozeman MT carried any replacement bulbs, so I am grateful to Kaz making them available.
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Bug Light Bulb

I ordered many times from KAZ these little bulbs, they work fine, and last two seasons

most of the time.

I have ordered cheaper ones, but they do not last.

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Bulb B1515

Shipped quickly


Simple replacement

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stinger replacement bulb

I was pleasantly surprised by the quick turn-around from order to delivery. However, I wonder if there is a bulb available thru you which might be more efficient at the same wattage?

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good bulb

The bulb works fine.It lasted for a year before i had to replace it.

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Stinger replacement bulbs

The 15 watt replacement bulb is working perfectly, however the 40 watt bulb never worked and I emailed the consumer relations department to find out how I could return the bulb and receive another one. I have no been contacted by anyone, until this survey arrived today. Not happy paying for a product that doesn''t work.

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Deceiving offer

I do not have any problems with the bulb. When I ordered it was advertised "free shipping" for Prime customers. This was not the case in my order and I could not get an adjustment.

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insect killer

The light bulbs are okay but when we asked if you still sold the bug zapper  or were we could find another one no responded to our e-mail and was not told if we could send the bubles back. The lights are not of any uses to us now since we can't find the zapper.

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Bug zapper light blub
The blub blew out the second I put it into the bug zapper. It was not the zapper, because I had put in a friends blub to make sure the the zapper was still working.
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I would like to send a review of my    product BUT I NEVER RECEIVED IT!  I did not print a confirmation number for the order  but I now have your number to cll to discuss it!

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No replacements

I tried to get bulb B1515 for 45 days and it is not possible. Now I have the equipment and I never can not use it. 

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Too new to rate...

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only had product 3-4 weeks not working

We bought one of your stinger outdoor insect killer and have had it about 3-4 wks and the bulbs have burned out or just quit. Our Wal-mart closed all of  their stingers out on clearance 2 weeks before we got ours. They dont have any.  Should it have lasted longer than that. We bought 2 of them. Bulb # is B1515.  We paid 28.97 a piece for the I would of expected it to work longer than 3-4 wks.   What other companies carries these. I hope that you will take care of this for us.   04257830015

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