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Stinger 1/2 Acre Outdoor Bug Killer

Model Number: UV15-BL
Dimensions: 21" x " x 14" in
Color: Black
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
Price: 30.99
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bug zapper

easy to order, prompt delivery, fair price, worked right out of the box!!!

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They were everywhere!!! We tried everything we could to battle the skeeters,but it seemed nothing would work. We were totally buggin out about this. We had almost given up until a friend of mine mentioned Kaz Inc. He told me about their fine mosquito zappers and I just had to try one. It worked like a charm and now the insects can "BUG" me no longer. Thanks Kaz.

Bill W.


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Kills them dead
Looked at alot of bug killers but one of our friends has the same one I just bought and well visting them we did not get bugged by and flying insects the whole time we were there. So two thumbs up on this prodoct.
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UV15 Bug Zapper

Works excellent.

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It works!
Just have to keep track of the lures from one season to the next.. My machine weather the winter and keeps on ticking.
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Ewell's Revies
The warranty service is good,however the large ones stingers are not that goog UV40. I just received a reparaied one and when I plug it in it zapped for two or three minutes and it stopped making that sound. that means it is not killing any bugs. I am about to send it back. I just bought a set one for indoor and the smaller on for outdoor. Lets see what happens.
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stinger 1/2 acre

I had an one acre and it was stollen, and I bought the stinger. When the bulb quit the stinger quit the new bulb did not work.  But I did not registre it. so now this is.

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replacement parts

This bulb only last 43 days! At 10 dollars a pop,don't forget to add that to your usage charge.

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I have had 2 of the Stinger UV15-BL and one of the blue light ones and I am hear to tell you they suck. They last maybe one month and then it is over with. Will not ever purchase another one.
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