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NoSquito Mosquito Attractant 6-Pack

Model Number: NS16-6
Color: Orange(old) or White (new)
Price: 39.99
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Mosquito Attractant

It works.

Must replace every 30 days to obtain the best results.

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NoSquito attractant

 Seems to work very well, as I have to completely clear the grids every day - and gets mostly mosquitoes, which I like, since the owls need moths for night feeding.

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This stuff works great

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great service

Very happy with the product and love your web site.It it very easy to use and we are not very good with computers

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Living in Southeast North Carolina, the abundance of flying insects force everyone to remain indoors or use screened-in rooms and decks.  Having two acres with our back yard backed against a wooded, swampy reserve, and without a screened-in room on our house, it made sitting outside out of the question.  Having found a deal on a bug zapper at a local membership-required store, we bought it and I set it up according to included directions in early April.  We ordered the NoSquito 6-pac right away, as advertized in the package and it came a few days later.  IT IS AMAZING how well this zapper works!   

I would have given a 5-Star rating, but a few flying insects still remain.  But don't misunderstand, the few remaing bugs do not prevent us from enjoying the outdoors from our deck.

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works well

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Nosquito NoSquito Mosquito Attractant 6-Pack

Reached on time and works great!

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