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NOsquito by Stinger 2-in-1 Power Bait

Model Number: NCL2
Dimensions: 1" x 4" x 7"
Price: 17.99
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I bought the Nosquito unit late last year and didn't want to start it up so late in the summer.

So this year I got around to reading the instructions and was a little disappointed to find that I had to buy bait to put in the unit every 30 days.

Well I started up the unit this year, very easy and simple. Then I decided if I was to use the unit all summer which is the best way, I would need more 2-in-1 bait to make it last 3-4 months.

I ordered the product from kas which needed to be back ordered, no big deal I had 30 days before I needed it. When they received the product they promptly delivered it  at which time they charged by credit card.

Well its been about a week since I got back up to the cabin to check on the unit and was I pleased ,the capture basket was almost full of mosiquites, boy that bait really brings them in. I figure every one that dies in the basket is one less that I have to kill while its biting me.

One note, the boxes I bought contained 2 power baits which surprised me as I thought they came one to a box. Even a better deal for the price.

GREAT UNIT AND VERY GOOD 2-IN-1 BAIT. I will be buying more.

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power baiy

We have a large mosquito population in the villageI live in.  Barrington IL has lots of lakes and ponds and marsh areas which are perfect breading grounds for the biting insects.  Your products have made it possibe for us to enjoy our backyard and deck.  Thank you

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Dear Mr ,Ms

I am looking  Stinger eletonic insect killer  NOsquiito Octennol lure NS16. If you care this item.How I order ,or what store I can purchase in Dallas /Fort Worth,Texas.Thank's

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Wrong Product

After waiting for a month to recieve the product because your company kept sending it to the wrong address, we finally get it and it does not work with Stinger we have. So now I will have to go through the hassle to call your company again. Meanwhile, I probably won't need this anymore - summer's over. I didn't  want to give this a star rating but I had to or it wouldn't save this review.

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