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Vicks Portable Steam Inhaler

Model Number: V1300
Dimensions: 17" x " x 13" in
Color: White
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Price: 9.99
Ships today if you purchase 2nd or 3rd day shipping and your order is completed before 1PM EST

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the best inhaler

I have it for about 6 months and everytime anybody get sick in my family, it is the first thing I grab. It works wonders. I on't have to plug anything and it is so portable I can take it anywhere. My family loves it.

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There once was a man named Nick.

Whom it turns out was very sick.

For he gave it his best,

but still got no rest

until Kaz Inc. sent him a Vicks.

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worked instantly

i love it...cleared my sinus in a instant

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i just bought this product today and i love it. It works great.

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Mom of 3
Does everything it says it does! Very easy to use and very convenient!!!
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Was leary how this inhaler would work, but once scent pad is placed in the water the vapors are easily inhaled & last for a long time so it can be used over & over for a few days...just keep it on your desk or beside your bed, and when you need it, just grab it, hold it, & inhale!
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The price was right!
The price was right, and it it did exactly what i wanted something to do to help my allergies. Went in to buy something that I expected I would need to spend much more than I did on this product. It worked great in the end, when I finally figured out how to make it work for me. ( only 4 hours later! ; ).TY VIX AND KAZ!!!!
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Cool product

I wish it could be a little warmer so that it would steam more but overall I think this is a pretty good product. 

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It would be better if it heated the water to a comfortable temperature to made a light steam to breath in. Maybe battery operated. My tap water does not get hot enough to make steam.

When I take the top off and breath in the vapors I can really feel the difference. So I use it without the top.

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The ease with which to remove cap for refilling is impossible. I worked for an hour trying to get it open so I could fill it up again. Any suggestions for next time? Otherwise I shall return.

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this product doesn't work

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my review

I Followed all the steps on the instructions and still no possitive results. It would not clear my sinuses, not matter how many times tried with it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON THIS. IT DOES NOT WORK.

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Vapo Steam Inhaler

first time user like the conveience of being able to take it everywhere with me.


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