Provides visible steam moisture for temporary relief of cough and congestion. Medicine cup for added relief when used with liquid inhalants. Great for medium to large size rooms. Runs 24-32 hours per filling.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: V200
Product ID: e5ba869ddd27f887f6fa7b262f6a8e88
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25.99 New

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Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer

Model Number: V200
Category: Humidifiers
Color: Blue/White
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
Price: $25.99
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The Vicks V200 vaporizer provides soothing, visible steam moisture for temporary relief of cough and congestion. Medicine cup for added relief when used with liquid inhalants.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Large Night light
  • Durable tank design
  • Convenient Carrying Handle
  • Exclusive non-rust carbon electrodes operate efficiently
  • Operates 24-32 hours per filling
  • 2.0 gallon capacity
  • Great for medium to large rooms
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty


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Customer Reviews

Vicks Warm Steam Vaporizer
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Best vaporizer for the money

I love Vicks vaporizers - so easy to clean, and you can increase the amount of steam by adding a little more salt.   I tired other warm steam units and the calcium build up is a pain to deal with.  No more soaking my vaporizer with vinegar.  Soap, water and a little bleach to kill bacteria.  I also like the handle option, make carrying easier.  



Listen Up People

When running on straight tap water the carbon electrodes will build up a black skin around them.  You will see chunks breaking off into the reservoir.  If you unplug and disassemble you can clean the electrodes with a green pot scrubber.  When they skin over they no longer transmit electricity and you will get no steam.  It is a very simple fix and a very simple design.

simple idea that work excellently

This humidifier use two electrodes, and the water as current conductor. Electric current flow thru the water generate heat and boil the water. When the water is empty the current stop flowing automatically. No thermostat, no fuse, no complicate controller very robust.

I bought two of them and they are  still working after over 10 years. The only maintenance is to clean the electrodes after each season. Remove all mineral deposit on the electrodes using emery paper. There is no white dust deposit on the furniture of my room as in ultrasonic humidifier.

Over 10 years period I have been moving from place to place with different water hardness. Just follow the instruction either dilute with distilled water or add salt. Never have problem.

I am converting it to use as warm mist generator for my terrarium this comming winter . Excellent product for the money.!!!


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