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Vicks Vaporizer with Nightlight

Model Number: V-150
Dimensions: 20" x " x 26" in
Color: Blue/White
Room Size: Small to Medium
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
Price: 19.99
Sale Price: 14.99
Save: $5.00 (25% off)
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After using it only once, it seems to work just fine.  Thanks.

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Vicks warm steam vaporizer
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Gunky Stuff

I saw the question about deposits in the vaporizer and the answer.  But, this is really bothering me.  Where is this gunk from?  It was in there the very first time I used these vaporizers. 

Thank you in advance for answering this question.

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Vicks Humidifier

I really enjoy the vicks humidifier. I can tell a difference in my infant while sleeping with the vicks humidifier. 

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great product

works very well!!!!!!! had sinus infection for years!! no more medication, just 4-6 hours of the vaporizer each night! i wake up and can breath great!!! finally!!!!!

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Vicks Vapo

So far so good!

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This vaporizer has been a life savior with my kids and myself.  With being sick I have this running all the time especially at night.  

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i purchased a vicks warm steam vaporizer in 2012 which i use 5-6 times a year with having 4 children. this weekend pretty much everyone has been sick in the house . tonight it started spitting water out the medicine cap , spitting it out on the carpet. so i got the manual out and started troubleshooting. first i let it cool, then i cleaned it with vinager and water,dried it off and filled up with water and vapor steam liquid and no more the 18 of salt . again it started spitting out water again. so i let it cool again and cleaned it again and dried it off. filled tank back up and vapor medicine and again spit water on the carpet. my water is not hard water so that isnt the problem. after the fw hours spent troubleshooting and the hour of cleaning the carpet and the whole bottle of vapor medicine wasted i am a little frustrated. there is something wrong with the product please replace the vapor machine and 2 eight oz bottle of medicine. i love the product its been a big help and want to keep using your product. the model is v150 not sure on serial number if its on the box or machine if you tell me where to look to find the serial number i ll provide you with the information. 

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Room size a bit mis-leading

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wont last long

works for about 2 weeks then requires constant mainenance and creates a hell of a mess of crust form the electrodes deteriorating.  too much work to clean with vinigar and taking it all apart. - one time use i would say then its garbage. - poor design.

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Very Disappointed

We received this product as a gift last Christmas and tucked it away until several weeks ago when the weather changed in our area and it became very dry. 

The device worked well the first week..  The steam output was excellent.  I followed the instructions in the product manual to clean the machine.  When I plugged the machine in, after waiting one hour, I had absolutely no steam output.  (yes, I had added salt and that worked great the first week of usage and yes, the night light was on indicating the system was working fine.).  The water in the cylinder was hot but still, no steam. 

I cleaned the machine a second time and still no steam.  I called the customer service number and reviewed all of the steps I had followed with the representative.  She could think of nothing else I could try.  She indicated the only thing left was for me to return the machine at my expense to the company.    She indicated it would take 10-12 weeks for the company to send me a replacement.

Our experience has been very disappointing.





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kaz vaporizer
Very disappointed. I bought this for a sick toddler in our home and the unit gets so hot I cannot even touch the water basin. I tried to contact the toll free number and they are closed. They only have weekday hours of operation.
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