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V3100 Replacement Tank

Model Number: M-G.3101
Warranty: None
Price: 12.50
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Exactly what I needed

Apart from a slight mix-up in shipping (they sent me 2 caps rather than 2 tanks), this order was exactly what I needed.  When customer service was contacted, they immediately rectified the mishap, and I received the tanks within days.  I have one unit in my bedroom and one unit in my daughter's room.  The units were bought about a year apart, and both replacement tanks fit perfectly.  The price on this site is also the best I found anywhere.  I am very impressed with the level of customer service Kaz.com provides, and will definitely shop here again!

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It's just the water reservoir

This product is just the water reservoir (the blue/white piece). The picture only shows the blue top, but it is the entire top piece of the humidifier, minus the round cap that holds in the water.  I had broken the blue plastic part, so this was perfect for me, but if you've lost the round cap then save your money!

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model V3100

I also have a Vicks humidifier model V3100 and I also need a new cap for the tank.  So come on Kaz Step up to the plate and take of your customers using  your products and sell us a new cap for the tank.

Having faith


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No Cap?

I was frusterated to find that I could not use my new tank because the cap must be ordered seperatly and cannot be ordered online.  Furthermore when I did order it by phone it was out of stock.  Why not just package them together or at least make it so you can order it online.  The tank is fine but is useless without the cap that I tossed out with the broken tank.  I'll remember to keep the cap next time.

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Wrong Part

I ordered a tank for my V3100 humidifier. The tank that I received is different that the tank that I presently have. The tank that I presently have has the fill cap integreted with the water discharge. The new tank that I bought from you has a large fill cap that is seperate from the water discharge. This wouldn't be a problem if the new cap had been included with the new tank. Since I dont have a cap to take off of my originat tank, I can't use the new tank.

The other problem that I have with this tank is the fact that it doesn't properly sit down on my humidifier. If I had a cap for it, I might try to file the plastic down enough to make it fit.

So I am presently not using my V3100 humidifier. Any help that you can give me would be appreciated. I would try to buy a cap from you if I could find it on your website.


Herbert Felter

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Incomplete order

I first ordered from your company in early November.  It is now January of 2011 and I still don't have the complete order.  I am still missing the cap from the replacement tank.  I have spoken with your customer service on numerous occasions. You keep sending me the wrong products over and over.  I have given up on ever ordering from your company again, because I never know what I will get.  I only know that it will not be what I ordered.


Good luck with your business.

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I got the tanks, however they were the new style and I did not have the caps.  Customer service said they would ship the caps for free.  Weeks later I got another shipment of tanks.  I can't use the product until I get the caps and I had to pay for all this.  Not good

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No cap either.

 Same difference... Thought I'd replace the tank because the cap failed.  No cap came with the replacement.  It just doesn't make sense for major company like Kaz to sell the one without the other, and allow this problem to go on for months.

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no cap

When it said no cap I thought I would be able to use the one off my broken tank.  But no it is a diff. cap and I guess I can't get it off your website.  I don't understand why you don't give the cap with the tank.  Very unhappy about this.  Cause it sounds like it is hard to get.  For now on I will try and find my filters from somewhere else. 

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