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Vicks HealthCheck Hygrometer

Model Number: V70
Color: White
Warranty: NA
Price: 17.99
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This works great, in fact purchased a second one to place in another room to check how the new Kaz Honeywell humidifiers were working. They seem to be quite accurate.

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vicks hygrometer

 T  ,mmhis product is wonderful!  It helps me greatly in determining the humidity in the house.

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Kaz Healthcheck Hygrometer

I am pleased with the Kaz Hygrometer I purchased.  What I like about it is that I can take it from room to room to check the relative humidity and know whether or not I need to add moisture to the air.  I got it because last year I had eczema really bad and I had never had that before but it all started when the cold weather came and the air got really dry.  This hygrometer lets me know when the air in my house is too dry and then I can turn on the humidifier which helps me to control my dry skin better.  I would recomend this product.

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Turn it on and it works.

This little device works when you turn it on.  You do not have to set anything unless you want to change temps from C to F.  You can take it from room to room and the numbers will change depending on the humidity.  You need one of these if you are running a portable humidier in any of your bedrooms.  I was surprised how much humidity I had in my house when I went to checking.  This should come in very handy this winter also.  I really like it.

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Vicks Healthcheck Hydrometer

The hydrometer is sleek and well designed.  It is easy to read and appears to be accurate.  The only suggestion I would make is to include a back-light that could be activated by a small button on the top.  To prevent a drain on the battery, the light would only have to remain on for five seconds.  The information on comfort levels of humidity on the front is excellent.

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Great Product

I love this product and will be buying another.

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I love this product

This product has helped me maintain the right humidity in our bedroom. It's simple to use and very reliable!

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Humidity Monitor

It seems to be doing its job. I know now when to switch my humidifier on and when to turn it off. It saves me money on the energy bill.

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Nice portable temp/hygrometer

I purchased this unit to have a more accurate tool to gauge the temperature and humidity levels in the home and rooms.It is sleek and trim along with being very accurate.I like the size and design, how it describes the conditions of each humidity level and what is comfortable.I would have given it a 5 star rating if it had a backlit display.You need to remove the battery cover to detach the battery pull tab,or it may break if not open.It does come with 2 AAA batteries to operate and is easy to read.

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vicks hygrometer


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