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Vicks Germ Free Humidifier*

Model Number: V790L
Price: 99.99
Sale Price: 79.99
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UV light
I cannot dim the indicator (Power on)light at night which bother me. The only solution I was told is to take off the UV bulb out of the unit.
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Worked well for about a year, then developed a leak. Also much easier to maintain with distilled water, but I don't remember your package inserts suggesting that. Was purchased through Amazon, and the Model Number is V790, without the L. I am looking to take advantage of your three year warranty.

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V790 Warm Air Humidifier

This is our second V790 Warm Air Humidifer.  The design, size, and look of the unit is good for long-term use--such as keeping it on continuously over the course of a week as your child gets over a cold etc.  The large (2 gallon) capacity is hard to find these days.  The adjustment knob is sufficient to allow for an acceptable range of steam flow options, and the UV germicidal light is a bonus feature.  We still use the germicidal liquid additive in addition however, just to be on the safe side.  We would still have our first unit, but it succumbed to being in a house with 4 young kids.  The second unit, though, came with a factory defect on one of the threaded reservoir caps--split at the moulded seam.  Waiting for a warranty replacement part after only having the unit in service a couple weeks.  Disposable replacement filters are a nuisance and somewhat expensive, but I guess a necessary evil.

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Germ Free?
This is worse than the other Vicks/Honeywell ones I've owned. Caked with mold.
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barely used

Bought this model a few years ago and was rarely used. Pulled it out this winter however the humidity control knob was inoperable. I'm putting thIs piece of junk out on the tree belt for trash pickup. Too bad because it looks brand new. Save your money

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