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Replacement UV Bulb for the HCM-350 Series

Model Number: HCM-350-UV
Price: 15.99
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UV Bulb

Not sure why we received machines in stead of the bulbs, but thank you.

The timing was perfect since it is getting colder and dryer here in the Denver area.



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Happy with the past three orders.

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Humidifier 350 with UV

I was hesitant to buy this humidifier because the filter needs to be replaced at the beginning of each winter season, but then thought that might be a good thing. (The filter is only $13.00.) I looked at a lot of humidifiers and wanted one that I didn't have to clean every day. This one has a UV light that purifies the water to remove mold and bacteria. The humidifier uses regular tap water. It is easy to fill the tank and the unit is extremely quiet. Walmart's price of $60 was the same as Amazon's - and there is no shipping if you pick it up at the store. Overall, a great investment at a reasonable price.

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Humidifier Bulb

The U.V. bulb I ordered was easy to find online and was shipped promptly

Happy with the service


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Unit works as expected.


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Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Nice and quiet, easy to fill and clean, compact size

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Love it!

We recently moved to Ohio from Florida. With our frigid winter with below degrees weather, this humidifier helps us tremendously. Thank you! We bought two from Amazon.

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Simple to operate.  Quiet.

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D Wade

It is really quiet at low speed. The tank fits just right under my sink faucet and is easy to clean as well as the base. Best of all, it keeps my living room humidity with the fire place and two additioner heaters at a comfortable humidity level. I would easily recommend this humidifier to others.

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Love it!!

This is the best investment I've made, I love it!
I went to sleep congested, and thinking, this is never going to work, I don't even see the mist.

Woke up to being able to breathe again!
And yes, the water is going down in the unit.   
It's amazing how much better I feel!

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Very, very quite
On the low speed our newly purchased HCM-350UV is very quite. It's much quiter that our old Holmes unit. I know that I will sleep better at night.
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Great for keeping indoor air fresh

We use this throughout the winter months, as soon as the heat goes on, so does the humidifier.  It seems to help with seasonal allergies, and keeps the air fresh despite our 2 dogs and 2 cats.

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ms. sherie

nice because you dont need to clean often

humidity output could br higher

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UV bulb does not work

Probably the best humidifier I've ever purchased, but thr UV light doesn't work.  Will be contacting for a replacement.


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Cap on tank leaked. Customer Service very helpful.

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Bulb burned out

Took unit out of box, started it,the bulb was burned out. Can't find one.

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Having a problem with getting enough moisture in room.  Filter drying out.  

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product arrived in poor condition

I have not yet tried to use the new UV bulbs, but I was very disturbed to open the box and find 3 of the 4 bulbs, rolling around the bottom of the box.  Only one was securely wrapped in the bubble wrap.  Given all the warnings about how carefully they should be handled, don't touch with fingers, etc. I am concerned that they may have been adversely affected by the poor packaging.

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label on bulb

I assume the bulb works, but I received it with a SKU label wrapped around the glass.  I called customer service and they sent me out a replacement bulb, which also had the label wrapped around it.  The instructions say not to touch the bulb because body oil will shorten the life of the bulb.  BUT, try peeling the label off without touching the bulb....not possible since it's really stuck.

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