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Replacement WF1 Kaz Wicking Filter - 12 Pack

Model Number: WF1-12
Color: white
Price: 96.00
Sale Price: 87.99
Save: $8.01 (8% off)
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Fine Filter

Filter works as advertised. after 2 weeks, no mold - which is specially fine. We do drain the water after each evening use - seems to prolong the life.

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Protec Replacement WF1 Kaz Wicking

Does the job and does in well!

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Great humidifier filter!

We've been using this humidifier all winter long for several years now.  This is the first time I had to replenish my filter supply.  I was very happy to find these excellent filters still available at a reasonable price!

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Humidifier filters

Recently I ordered more filters for my older model Kaz room humidifier.  I did have some problems with on line ordering, but with phone help was able to complete the order.  I really like my humidifier, and am glad to be able to purchase new filters for it again.


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not put together

This pack was great in that it used no individual packaging-hence much greener than buying individual filters.  However, the filters seem to be lower quality and lie flat and require folding to put in the humidifier.  And they seem to get gunked up very fast.  After just a week, my daughter's room smells like algae from the air coming out of hers.  

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I wish it was circular and I didn't need to fold it to insert it.

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Excellent price for  these hard to find filters.thanks

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I enjoy my Kaz humidifier. It does what it is supposed to do. Had to purchase a year's worth of filters to make sure I wouldn't be without it. Only gave it a 4 because it is a new filter and I only began using it. I expect it to be a 5 though.

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