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Vicks Aromatic Inhalant Pads, 6 pads

Model Number: KMP-6
Price: 6.99
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I was on anti-biotics for years due to cronic sinus infections, and the tighness in my lungs was incredible.  I tried everything and nothing worked. I was in the pharmacy one day and noticed the inhaler that is used along with the pads and started to read what it was good for, and when I read Chronic Sinus infections, I knew that I had to try it. It has been four months since I've had a sinus infection, and my doctors are pretty impressed. I faithfully use it for 15 minutes in the morning and at night followed by a saline rinse. This product is wonderful!  Please never let this product expire! 

Thank you so much for a wonderful product!


Eileen Prasnal



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Relief !!!!!

This is for chronic sinus infection people... and anyone wanting to get over colds, bronchitis, or any respiritory issues !! The menthol helps open and relieve swelling and the eucalyptus helps heal the soft tissues.  I use this at least once a week. I've used this on kids, toddlers and elders when those colds come a calling. You must be carefull when using it with the young ones, make sure they don't tip over the unit with the extremely hot water in it. That just means you need to supervise like any good parent would. Fabulous product ! Don't think just buy it ! Take it from someone who has dealt with chronic sinus problems all my 39 yrs !

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Good stuff

Bought the romatic inhanlant pads online cause I couldn't find them in stores any more.  They work great with the machine I have and have been useful in helping me breath better for a short time.  Would recommend to anyone using the personal machines. 

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very good

 hightly recomended

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Inhalent Pads

Correct product for the inhaler.  Therapy helped with sore throat and congestion.

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Your service is great and fast.  Product is always what it says it is

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kaz pads


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Re: Kaz Inhalant Pads

These are amazing! SO great for allergies or cold!

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I can breath again

I purchased a Vicks Personal Steamer, it came with a Kaz Inhalant Pad. I was very congested so I did a 15 minute treatment. Amen, I could breath again! I ordered more pads on line, so I would always have a fresh supply when I needed one. I recommend this product to everyone I know!

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Inhalent pads

They have helped clear my head but I don't always use them at night when I most need them and then pay the price of a stuffed up head and poor sleep.

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