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Replacement Humidifier Filter 3 pack

Model Number: HAC-801
Color: white
Price: 14.99
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Not understood

 I have been buying these filters for my 2 Honeywell humidifiers for 6 years. Until last year I struggled to find them...until I discovered your website. You make it easy and more cost effective to purchase several filters at a time.


Thanks for having such an easy to use site,


Ed Halsted

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HAC-801 Filters

Your service is super.  I could not believe how quickly the filters were delivered.  I cannot locate them locally anymore as my humidifier is getting older.  Thanks much.

Gaye Antle

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It is easy to order the filters on the website...thanks for making it easy for your consumers.

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humidifier filter
i have alwways recieved the right filters from you but i wish they were cheaper
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Honeywell Replacement Humidifier Filter

These filters are wonderful -- they last several months and do a great job of filtering the moisture from my humidifier.  I so appreciate being able to order them from your website as I cannot find them in stores.  Thank you!

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Kaz humidifier filters

Excellent quality, recommended by the manufacturer of our humidifier and promptly delivered after we ordered them!  We were very pleased!

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Thank You

My humidifier works fine, but it is so old that replacement filters are no longer sold by any retail store near me --- so I'm very thankful that I can still purchasethe  filters via KAZ web site.

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Easy to find, quick delivery, great product


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I've been using these filters for many, many years.  They always seem to do a great job.  I clean them when I feel it's time, and they look almost as good as new.  I would recommend the Kaz filters to anyone who wants a product that does the job.  Thank you.

Diane Seavey

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filters are the best

It is always a pleasure to know I can find these filters for a humidifier I bought years ago.  Service/shipping is always quick!  Thank you, Kaz!

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Honeywell Replacement Humidifier Filter 3 pack

Items arrived in perfect condition well before I needed them.

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I have looking all over for these filters and I finally found them .Great product.Fast shipment

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A product that delivers

I purchased my honeywell humidifier a year ago due to it being so dry in the winter time in New England.  We have well water which over the year's time really gummed up the filers that came with the unit.  At that time it was not even putting out a gallon of water a day.  Now that I have the replacement frilers in place the unit is back to full capasity and cranking out 3-5 gallons of moist air a day.  My skin and sinuses are happy again :-)

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They fit perfect and work well.

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They fit perfect and work well.

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Kaz Humidifier filters

Filters are great and so easy to order and receive quickly through this web site!

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I'm very thankful that KAZ is still selling the filters for my old Honeywell humidifier.  No store in my area has those filters.

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Honeywell HAC-801

These filters work well and are reasonably priced.

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humidifer filters

I have ordered this item last year and I am very satisfied with the product, price and timely delivery.

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Great Product

I have had my humidifier for decades.  I'm just so thankful that the filters are still available.  They always do a great job.  I'd recommend this KAZ product to everyone.

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Humidier filters

I have been using these filters in my vaporizor for years.  They worik great, are easy to install, and last a full season.  After that I would definitely change the filters.  I use it in a Honeywell cool mist vaporizor.  I don't think it is available anymore, but I will definitely purchase a new one when this one gives out.  I've had it for at least 10 years, which is a lot longer than the warranty.

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This is the exact filter I was looking for!  There is 3 in a pack.  Just want I needed. Thanks!

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super filter


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Good Service

Fast and efficient. Thank you.

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Season long use

I have used these filters for about 4 years and have always found them to be excellent at filtering and keep the moisture free of mold. I reverse them in mid season for extended use.

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filters for humidifier

I was extremely pleased with my entire experience with KAZ recently.   From the ordering, to receiving and using the product, there were no delays or mix-ups.  The product itself is easy to install and works very well in my humidifier giving me confidence that this years' winter indoor dry air will not get the best of me.  I highly recommend KAZ and their products.

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Honeywell Humidifier Filter Pack

I've used these filters with my humidifier for a number of years and always been quite satisfied.

Also it's easy to order and they are shipped quickly.

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filters fit well and do the job they were designed to do. would buy again.

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Filter Review

Good product.  Seems to last about a month before needing change.  Just wish they lasted longer.

Thank you for your great customer service and product selection.

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Good product

This is a very good product that I could not fine in our local home iomprovement stores.

It is sold at a fair price and customer service is good.

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I see it but I can't buy it...



I'm glad that it was easily to find my correct filter online and ensure it was the right style for my humidifier (pictures are helpful).

However it appears your website doesn't ship to Canada and when I check out your Canadian Site it just sends me to a couple of stores (who are supposed to be regularly stocking this item).

I love my humidifier but don't love that I can't buy filters for it.  Currently I'm recovering from a nasal surgery so it is getting used more than ever and neither store has filters.

Also I live in a town where if my store doesn't carry something, the next town (Edmonton) is 5 hours away.  Please look into giving myself an others an online option to replace our filters so I can give you my business.

It is so dry here in the winters that every house has a humidifier system so many others are in my same situation.





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