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Easy-To-Care Cool Mist Humidifier

Model Number: HUT-220B
Dimensions: 14" x 7" x 14"
Color: Black
Room Size: Small to Medium
Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
Price: 54.99
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Good start

I have used this product for 3 weeks and can definately feel the difference in the humidity of our bedroom.  I sleep so much better now.

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Lasted 3 months

This is going to be  a review in the working. I bought this unit in october 2013 to humidify a room for an infant during the cold dry winter nights of Michigan. I worked great until about Jan. 2014 (except the exceptional dust from the water builds up on everything) Only using it at night, it quit working so I followed all the cleaning instructions and reassembled. There is a humming moise but no water moving from the pump to the Demineralization Cartridge. I'm going to call the company and find out how well they honor their warranty and the cost to ship and repair.

More to come

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Worked great for a few weeks

Worked great for a few weeks before the pump stopped working.  They light still comes on, but no water is being circulated. Hoping to get the issues addressed quickly, because this winter is brutal. I would give it 5 stars if it still worked, but can only give 3 stars (which is quite generous, in my opinion).

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