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QuietCare™ Cool Moisture Multi-Room Humidifier

Model Number: HCM-6013I
Room Size: Large
Price: 139.99
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This was the most received gift of comfort we have purchased. So easy to set-up it took longer to wash out water tanks than to put together.


It is so quite we don't even know it is here and we we had a very dry house.


Glad we found each other

Thanks for making a Great Product

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on-line purchase

Purchaced on-line, web site very user friendly.  Shipped in 3 days.  Works great!


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Honeywell QuietCare™ Cool Moisture Multi-Room Humidifier

The Problem:

I live in the High New Mexican Desert (house doorstep is slightly above 7,000 feet above sea level).  There are approximately three months a year (during our "Monsoon" season) where indoor humidification is not necessary.  The other nine months, one can expect to generate sufficient static electricty that often generates very annoying body to body and body to grounded object shocks at work.  In other cases, I've ruined personal audio equipemt and office phone handsets due to this phenomena.  My employer's office environment is too large for a unit this size so I bought a static electricty grounding mat for use within my cube (pricey at ~$60) but works perfectively when used properly (which means I still sometimes forget to touch the mat with my foot before touching an electrical desktop device such as a phone handset ). I still manage to give and recieve static shocks to my co-workers, office microwaves, copy machines, the metal-beaded corners of standard dry-wall, metal file cabinents etc., etc. for 9 0f 12 months.

A Possible solution:

I've used this unit's slightly smaller, earlier version in my two-story ~1,100 sq ft apt (hot water baseboard heat) since December 2006.  It has worked flawlessly since December 2006.  At first I added a relatively small volume of household chlorine bleach to each of the tanks to provide an inhostpitable environment for molds and fungi. It worked well in that regard but bleach is too harsh to the rubber gaskets on the bottom of the tanks and they crumbled but I was able to buy replacement seals via KAZ.  The past couple years, I've switched to using hydrogen peroxide which doesn't work quite as well but is much less non-destructive.  This Spring, I got lazy, not wanting to scrub mineral deposits and hard to reach parts in the "old" unit. 

Accordingly, I purchased the newer and slightly larger capacity unit.  While I've always used the Protec cartridges in both units, their utility is finite (as is the evaporative screen/filter) and I tend to be kind of cheap when it comes to such relatively pricey items; I buy them but over-use them.  So far, I've noticed that the new unit runs somewhat more quietly at the lowest fan speed and the humidistat setting between the lowest and next lowest setting works just fine to humidify the entire living space.  It runs about 7-8 feet from my upstairs bed .  I have some hearing loss so your results may vary but the small amount of white noise it generates is a positive attribute for me.  In the "deep" of winter here in NM, the older unit only requiried re-filling the tanks every two or three days at those fan speed and unit humidistat settings.  The selected humidifier settings keep significant window water condensation problems in this part of the country to a minimum or even to zero if watched carefully enough by keeping track of estimated evening lows.

I'd certainly recommend the unit for situations like my current one but don't know how well it would work in larger living spaces.  I had gas forced air in my house in Minneapolis so used an April-Aire unit there resulting in even humidity on all three floors (approximately 1,300 sq. ft), minimal water use, but did require periodic replacement of its evaporative pad (looks like Aspen fibers).

I'd recommend purchase of this unit if  your situation is similar or semi-similar to mine.

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Honeywell Large Console Humidifier

Excellent humidifier for spaces or rooms (120-150 sqft) where you want to keep fairly high levels of humidity (60-70%), but you do have to fill the water reservoirs daily and change the filter at least every three months.  You can set the unit for lower humidity and fan levels, however, which will allow for less filling of the reservoirs.  I like the fact that the unit is on rollers and the water reservoirs are easy to fill.

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We purchased the whole house humidifier and it works great.  Keeps our house at a constant 55percent humidity which is necessary for our respiratory health.

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Just purchased but seems just great

Purchased today due to low humidity in our 2000 plus sq ft home. At the outset humidity was at 22% but after 3 hours of use the unit increased the humidity to 35%. We will wait and see how things progress and will adjust our opinion at a later date.

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 Love the humidifier in general.  For the price I don't expect incredible quality, I expect it to just work, and put out lots of moisture.  It does that well.

I do have one problem holding it back from 5 stars, it seems mine will not take both tanks of water at once.  They fit on, but only one will let the water go, it's like the other gets "stuck" holding the water in, and won't let go.  It's annoying cause I have to lift and reseat the tanks when one is dry to get the other to let the water in.  All in all a good unit I'd buy again, just wishing it would save me some checking.

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quiet humidifier

This humidifier is very quiet compared to my older model.

Pros:  2 separate fill tanks help make it easier and lighter to fill;  Quiet; Easy to adjust; On wheels for easy movement from location to location.

Cons:  2 fill tanks means two trips!  Our house is so dry this winter that we are having to fill the tanks 2 to 3 times a day.  Thats 4 to 6 trips to the tub/sink to fill the tanks.

Overall:  Great machine to control humidity during the winter!

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It works well, as expected. It's a bother to have to fill it 3 times a day, but that proves it's putting moisture into the air which is the whole idea, and therefor acceptable.

I see two shortcomings in the design. Both are the result of making it pretty, instead of making it functional and easy to use.

The first is the vague fit of the fan housing onto the base. I remove it every day to flip the filter pad upside down and when I put it back there is no way to tell if the housing is properly seated in the base.

The other is that the pretty rounded tops of the water tanks will not stand upright on their own while filling in the sink. It's a real bother to have have to hold them while filling so they won't fall over. I also own the model HCM-631N which has the same stupid design of a rounded-top tank which won't stand up on it's own. Guess Honeywell isn't looking for repeat business.

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high output

 This is the third humidifer I tried in my life. The first was a warm mist which consisted in a pot of water heated until evaporation. There was no control whatsoever, just a plug. For this reason, it just made a lot of steam in the house (about 2L capacity) and I removed it after 2 days.

After the first deluding experience I tried one week ago a cool mist, the Honeywell 3G, featured for large rooms. This one was quiet but had no power whatsoever. It didn't change inside humidity at the room more then 3% after leaving it for 24+ hrs on. Beside that, it stopped working without reaching the target humidity, like it has reached it. So I had to set it on manual and leave it always on, without success.

At that point I decided to give a last try to this console humidifier (the 6013i). I had read it worked but it was noisy. Well, first of all it was not that noisy. I expected much more noise, something compared to the heater (which turns on and off frequently during the night). When I turned on the 6013i it was far more quiet. But what is important is... this thing is damn good. It brings the entire apartment (960 sq ft) to whatever humidity level in maximum two hours. So it doesn't need to stay on for long. Then, it is very very precise. I have two humidity measures at home and both sign the exact humidity I set to the 6013Ii. If I set 45% it goes down maximum to 43% before starting and bringing it back to 46-47%. The 3G version had no precision whatsoever, it just stopped at 39% when I set it to 55%. Then, there is no bad smell with the 6013i, differently from the 3G, which perhaps because of the long working hours (or because of the ultra violet sanitizing) released a strange smell.

So, my general opinion is that this thing is a good investment. I opted for it because I wanted the entire home to be the same, not just one room. then the humidity can go in other rooms either by leaving doors open (during the day), or by the heater air sucked from the living room and pumped to all rooms. Beside that, last year I struggled with electrostaticity all winter long. I sprayed the couch every 2 weeks with anti static spray to have some release from fingers getting the shock when I touched door handles, light switches, tv, computer, ets. I started to bring keys with me to touch metal things before I grabed them. Hope this winter the problem will be resolved, not less than the dry throat problem, which started again this year and made all my family wake up every hour during the night.

If you have an apartment get it. You need somehow a big apartment, because the device is not so small. The noise is no problem if you decide to leave it in the living room (who sleeps there?). And more over you dont have to fill it every day (or every 8 hours) like the 3G model. I used to fill the 3G twice a day with 10L water each time, and it still wasnt getting better than 40-41% humidity at maximum power (from 34% that was my room on its own).

Four stars because it lacks a display and I don't have from long time enough to be confident on it. Good luck :)

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It has been a particularly cold (dry) winter with humidity getting down below 20% on coldest days.  House is heated with HP with oil backup on central system.  Have been running humidifier continuously for 5 days now and it's been pumping out about 20 litres daily.  House is 1950's vintage with hardwood throughout - 1800 SF plus basement and humidity is now up to 35% with the help of some milder wet weather today.

Very happy with unit so far. 

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Not enough for me..

 I looked for a good humidifier for a long time comparing many reviews on many websites... Finally got Honeywell Quiet care. First of all - it's not quiet. I can stand it only if it's on the lowest speed. And humidity won't go up. It was 20% and what I got is 23% MAX for working 2 weeks straight (sometimes high speed and medium). But I load it twice a day, somehow water disappears,so probably 18 gallons of water supposed to be in the air. I don't know. It's on the main level in our town house. I don't feel much of humidity I need. 

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I was disappointed that the two tanks of water only last eight hours.  The fan is very loud on high.

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A "very good" humidifier, BUT...

There is one big problem with this humidifier for me, and that is you are unable to control or increase the humidity beyond 55%..............unless there is a way that I've been unable to figure out.  I need to get humidity levels up to 65 0r 70% and the darn thing won't go there!

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I bought this model a year ago.  It worked fine for the peak winter months; then the left tank stopped draining when the first one was empty.  I have tried loosening/tightening the cap on the left tank, but it refuses to drain.  I wonder whether or not this might be a sensor problem.

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Honeywell HCM-6013 Humidifier

The handle on one of the water tanks broke on the first refill.  Not at all sturdy! 

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filling humidifier tank
when filling the tanks with water, the top is not flat so when inverted under the tap it will not stand upright, was told to hold by handle and fill this way, tank of water is 20 pounds I doubt most users can not do this easily, inevatably the tank falls over spilling contents, not a user friendly product, one that will become too aukward to use the more one fills the tanks
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