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Up to 99.999% Germ Free Warm Mist Humidifier

Model Number: HWM-500
Color: White
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty
Price: 74.99
Sale Price: 59.99
Save: $15.00 (20% off)
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Comment on review
Great item!

This is the second humidifier like this that I have purchased.  The first one lasted nearly ten years.  It is a great product and really helps out the winter dryness.  It doesn't spew white dust over everything and it keeps my sinuses moisturized.  Exactly what I wanted.

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Performs well, Problem with empty indicator

It is difficult to find a product with all of the features I want but the HWM-500 Warm Mist, Germ Free humidifier is the closest I have found. The only flaw in the one I received is an empty indicator light that comes on frequently when the unit is not empty, but Customer Service has offered to ship me a new unit when they receive back the one I recently purchased (at no additional shipping cost to me). I am experimentally turning down the humidity adjustment a little more each night until no condensation appears on the window panes; I am almost there! An automatic standby state when a desired humidity is reached would be great (that is, a true humidistat with a sensor rather than just a humidity control). The increased humidity definitely makes the 73-degree room temperature feel warmer. The UV light is a great assurance that we won't be breathing in bad creatures. And my upper respiratory passages and mouth are no longer dry and irritated. I plan on ordering a second unit with the promised15% discount coupon I will receive from writing this review. Thank you for a fine product.

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nice size

I like this item because it is big enough to last a long time and it is quiet-good quality

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Good, not excellent
It is silent and for my application works fine, the tank load lasts exact 24hs.  I miss the humidity display ( I had one hwm-450 model before, I tried to replace, is not available anymore).

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Reliable for heavy use.

If you want a reliable, warm-mist humidifier that you plan to run continuously, this is a good choice.  I have been happy with mine since I got it 4 months ago.  I run it 24 hours a day, and I refill it once a day.  

You do have to make time weekly to clean it properly.  I do this by lifting off the water basin, pouring out the remaining water and the mineral pad from the base, and pouring in diluted vinegar or CLR.  Leave this overnight; in the morning, you can gently scrape the remaining mineral deposits from the base.  

I would also recommend cleaning the basin separately every few weeks by doing the following: pour out any water, put in a few drops of bleach, add several cups of very hot water, screw on the lid and shake the whole thing vigorously for several minutes.  Then you can pour it out, rinse it well and let it air dry.  

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so far, so good!

We've had this humidifier for a couple of weeks now and it is working fine. It is not too noisy and we feel better knowing there is a UV light that gives extra protection from the possibility of spewing germs into the air. I gave it only 4 stars because it does require extra cleaning attention -- the interior surfaces are not non-stick and you have to be very careful about mineral deposits on any exposed metal part. It is time consuming to let it soak in vinegar every time.

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Solid performer


I've owned the HWM450, HWM450NC and now the HWM500. I'm not sure which I like best.
This one has a larger water tank.
Quiet so far.
Shuts off when empty.
Warm mist produces larger volumes of moisture (no white powder).
Does not allow me to set a humidity and forget it -- then again the hygrometer on the 450s were way off. I'm not a fan of the switch back to mineral pads vs. the updated heating element on the 450NC.
Not a fan of the UV light as I see it as a gimmick likely to prevent my machine from working once the bulb burns out.
Dream combination
My ideal would be the layout of this machine, but with the tank split in two (for my grandmother who cannot lift the tank) with a hygrometer that's accurate to within 5% and the heating element of the HWM450NC. I'd make the UV light optional so those that want it can use it but not have it prevent the system from running. Also, I'd include a green light to indicate that everything is okay -- i.e. when the orange and red are off the green should be on.
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Not so satisfied

I am not so pleased with this purchase.  After only a few uses, the "replace UV bulb" came on.  I was sent another bulb free of charge and when that was put in, the "replace UV bulb" was still turning on.  This humidifier is difficult to fill....there is only a handle on the top and the tank is an awkward shape, so trying to flip it over, fill it, and carry it back to the base was a nuisance.  Also, the grate on top falls off when you flip the tank over.  The warm mist seemed to take a while to come out...longer than another warm mist humidifier that I have.  I have to say that kaz.com has been very helpful in sending me a replacement UV bulb and also allowing me to order a replacement humidifier because something is obviously wrong with this one.

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