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Easy to Care Warm Mist Humidifier

Model Number: HWM-340B
Dimensions: 14" x 8" x 13" in
Color: Black
Room Size: Large Rooms
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
Price: 39.99
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Great Humidifier

This humdifier works great!  Puts out a lot of water.  Easy to fill.  Great product

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Definately the easiest unit to operate with the fill spout on top.

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I have had warm mist humidifiers for years and this one, so far, is the best.  It is so easy to fill and clean, I just love it.  The last one I had lasted me 10 yrs, so hopefully this one will too.  I have 3 running 24/7 in my house here in Nevada, as we are a very dry state.   

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I purchased one of these humidifiers in November and its been running 7/24 for the past 4 months. Love it. Easy fill, I like using a picture to just poor water in from the top. No screw tops on removable tanks, no rubber washers, no expensive replaceable water wicks. Salts do build up. Once a week I rinse out / clean out the larger deposits and then use a cup of white vinegar to soak for 5 min.  Rinse again, and it's good to go.  On the high setting, It puts out about 3 gallons a day. That rate is 1.5 or 2 times the rate of other cool mist or forced air type units. This unit is quiet at the high setting. One of these on high is quieter than one of the forced air units set at medium. Liked it so much I purchased a second one in January. The second unit has been running 7/24 for 2 months now. I'd recommend this unit because of quiet running, high rate of humidification, easy maintenance, easy fill and low cost upkeep.  So far, NO PROBLEMS.

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Great So Far

After 24 hours of use, I'm really pleased with this humidifier.  What I love... how easy it is to determine the water level and fill with water, how the noise is a low constant (white) noise and NO gurgling NOR fluctuation, and how much steam is emitted on high. Withheld 5 star rating because unfamiliar with longevity of Honeywell products.  Hopeful its better and lasts llonger than a competitor's product, which quit after a few months.

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Honeywell humidifier

This humidfier had everything I wanted in a humidifier, but could not find locally.  For example, being able to add water to it with a piticher instead of having to lug a heavy tank.  It has high and low settings and a medicine cup.  The only thing that I was less than happy about is that ir runs out of water if I have it on the high setting before the night is over.

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I purchased one and my card said it was declined due to error processing. I reordered and ... received 2 of them. Decided to keep both of them.Unless the moisture dial is set about 40%  unit does not run. I am in the desert so I know I don't have that much humidity in my house. Plus with the  house heater  on it makes the air drier. I had a Holmes  humidifier for 2 years before it quit. I could run it at about 30% and only filled it once daily. I have to fill this one in the am and pm if I run it daily. I do like to use it daily in the winter. Unit does not work as advertised. It is to much hassle to rebox and return. The price was great so I will suck it up but will probably not order  this unit again

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Warm Humidifier

Just bought it but seems to be efficient. I ejoy the warm mist and like that there are no filters i have to buy and replace. 

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