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Demineralization Cartridge 2-Pack

Model Number: DC-102
Price: 6.99
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Demineralization Cartridge

These cartridges help to keep my humidifier running in spite of our hard water.  I would recommend this unit especially to keep moisture in the air during the cold winter months.

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humidifier filters

the filters were the right ones I needed and they are working great

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Demineralization Cartridge

The product is exactly what we were looking for. 

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Honeywell cartridge

The humidifer and cartridge system is easy to refill the tank and keep clean.  

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filter for humidifier

I have a Honeywell Humidifer and ordered filters. They arrived in just a few days and I was so happy to get them. The store didn't have them, and I will continue to order online. The first filter lasted nearly the first season and was glad I could order them and get them so quickly. thank you.


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Kaz humidifier filters

Nice quick shipment.  Great website.  Very helpful.  Got the right part.  Thank you very much!

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The cartridge I oredered wa a seamles replacement to the one we lost and the humidifier is working well.

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demineralization cartridge

I love my honeywell humidifier.  It helps us sleep better when we're down with a cold or have a bad bout of asthma.  I also like that you don't need to change a filter every time you use it.  This last catridge lasted us 2 yrs.  I just didn't like that you don't ship to Canada.  I had it shipped to my parents who live in Wa.

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Demin. Catrridge

Our humidifer is very important to our heath...especially during the winter months.  When we ran out of the demineralizer cartridges, we looked everywhere to find them, but didn't

We finally googled the humidifier.. and foun your website.  The ordering and shipping were great.  We received our cartridges day before we were told they would arrive


Thank you,


Dave Humpal

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