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QuietCare Cool Moisture Humidifier

Model Number: HUT-102M
Room Size: Small to Medium
Price: 49.99
Sale Price: 39.99
Save: $10.00 (20% off)
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It works great!

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Honeywell Humidifier

Very quiet. I just started using it and I like the amount of mist that comes out. I hope this will help me with my Allergies, etc.

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I really like this humidifier.  The only slight problem is the filling hole is small.  Works ok with high rise kitchen faucet.  Attractive and works well.

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I have been using this humidifier for approximately 10yrs. I really does help breathe when the air is dry in the house and it really helps  my grandkids,too. Not only does it help with their allergies, it has a built night light for them. I purchased this certain humdifier because I was tired of buying filters. eveytime you buy a humidifier with you can never find the right for it. I always buy cool mist humidifiers. it is hard to feel, though and my knob, that turns it on and off broke.

                                             Stacie, MO.

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Honeywell ultra quiet care humidifier

Using in my bedroom. May be too small for the size of the room. Water tank filled with water is heavier than I thought it would be. The product, however, is very quiet. Blue color for the tank light is very comforting.

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Good price and easy to use


One thing is the hole is a little small to fill the water and when I open the top part of the filter, I have to be very careful since there's water at the bottom part and you can easily spill the water when u move it.

But overall, it is easy to use and portable and it's a good price to say the least.

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Not bad, but need to improve.
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when it works I love it

When it works I love it. It has turned out not to be reliable for long term use.

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Honeywell Humidifier disappointment
The HUT 102M model Honewell humidifier worked fine for the first two weeks. Then the water vapor diminished more and more each day, until now it is emitting hardly any vapor at all. I followed the manual instructions and cleaned it at Kaz.with a vinegar/H2o solution, but that didn't help. Now I'm waiting to hear from the Customer Service dept
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Kaz Honeywell Humidifier

The first humidifier I purchased, Honeywell QuietCare Cool Moisture Humidifier, when I turned it on was very quiet, however, after running an hour it started to make a vibrating noise from the fan?

I spoke with your customer service and they sent me another machine, but it does the same thing.

I am going to keep the second machine as it is a little quieter and I can sleep through it, but you really need to look into this issue.

Elizabeth Gilmore

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HONEYWELL-iT stops steaming after approximately 2hours.The demin.cartridge DC-102 is new. The table is level. All directions have been followed.The nebulizer looks clear--never touched by fingers.
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Honeywell QuietCare Cool Moisture Humidifier

The item wa defective and I have return the item for a replacement, other than that Kaz expedited my order very professionally and it arrived on time.

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Second Disappointment
This is the second humidifier of this style I have gotten and both leak badly!
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Honeywell Humidifier

This is not a good Humidifier! I've only had it a couple of months and it does not work properly anymore. It requires Daily cleaning/flushing of the unit. Even after I switched to 'distilled water' in the unit, it still gets clogged and does not emmit the 'cool moisture' anymore. I am very, very unhappy with my purchase and 'will never' get a 'Honeywell Humidifier again. I am waiting to see what Kaz can to to assist/correct this purchase!!!

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I boughtb two Honeywell Ultra-Sonic Humidifiers.

I installed both units the day I recieved them. One unit leaked immediately all over a bureau and it''s top drawer, the second unit stop working after three days and no moist air  came from the unit.

You should not sell equipment that does not work. I paid for two units that do not work.

Please provide me with a complete refund for both units.

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