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Honeywell QuickSteam 3.0 Gallon Warm Moisture Humidifier

Model Number: HWM-331
Room Size: Large
Price: 54.99
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I really like this product.  I have had several humidifiers and this is the best one by far!



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great humidifier

 WE have several of these steam humidifiers and like them alot.  The most significant reason we use these is that the design allows the water tank to stay sealed and clean -- no dust collecting in the filters,etc.  The mineral deposits in the machine are something to be contended with, but the steam and water tank stay clean and free from dust or mold.  They've worked great and we just bought 3 more to cover the rest of our house.

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Kaz steam humidifier

I am pleased for the most part with  this appliance. In 3 days it raised my humidity to43.

I must say Customer Service was most helpful in one particular area; themanual does not match my Kaz steam humidifier as it is a new model. I would suggest you append or update the manual. They were also helpful in getting the humidity level up to 43.

Also , because I have arthritic hands , the water container is very hard to hold and fill. It is also heavy upon filling and with its clumsy shape is hard to carry to the appliance bottom. It needs a square or round shape and a handle not just a grasping area.


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Mortgage Specialist

 I was hoping it would blow more air and circulate the room faster. Other than that, it's pretty nice.

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Well I am not impressed. It started leaking out of the vent on the bottom front and when I went to take it back I get the good ole you have to call the kaz number. All I want is to exchange it. Any quick and hassle free way?????
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