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DWM-250 Replacement Tank

Model Number: DWM-250-TANK
Warranty: None
Price: 15.99
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To discard is human; to repair, divine.

This item replaced the old water reservoir. It had developed hairline cracks causing vacuum in the tank to be slowly lost. (If your humidifier dumps its water out the bottom in the middle of the night, it could be the same problem.) The new item works perfectly, saved me $25 over buying a new humidifier, conserves natural resources, and delays Chinese hegemony. Thanks, Kaz, for carrying these parts.

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Just as advertised

Works just fine!

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Just as pictured

 Very satisfied with my order. The tank fit fine-unfortunately the motor stopped working so I can't use it!

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Replacement tank

Works great. Great replacement product. Love the humidifier that it goes to, so we hope we'll always be able to get the tank if needed.

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previous review starred wrong

I don't know how my earlier review showed 5 stars...should be 1.

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