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Honeywell UV True HEPA 5-1 Allergen Remover Tower

Model Number: HPA-249
Dimensions: 11" x 11" x 30" in
Color: Black
Room Size: 13' x 13' (170 sq ft)
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Price: 249.99
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This air purifier has made a big different in the amount of air particles in the air.  The house smells fresh.  I would recommend this Honeywell Purifier without reservation.

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All that and More!

First off I spoke with the sales people at Kaz prior to purchasing anything and they were amazing.  I learned that if you are asthmatic you should never have a air purifier that is ionic it must be HEPA.  So I blindly called and said I need something for my bedroom and this was the unit that I was told would best fit my needs and they were right.

Since it's in my bedroom being quiet is important and I can control the fan speed which allows me to set it to very quiet.  I only wish this came with a pedastal stand to make it taller.  I ended up putting this on my nightstand because I like feeling the breeze.  It also oscillates which is wonderful and there is no evidence but I am convinced that makes it clean more of the room by creating an air flow.

I was initially concernd about the cost of replacing filters but the HEPA filters in this unit last for one year.  $35 bucks a year is way better than weekly pulling out a filter and washing it in the sink and drying it.

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nice unit

very nice unit

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air purifier

This Honeywell was my 2nd purifier purchased through KAZ.com. First one I used in my bedroom and it has really helped with my allergies. This one I placed in my diningroom/kitchen area where our dogs spend alot of time as well as patio doors being opened often allowing allergens in from outside.  I am very pleased with the performace.  Just tonight I have ordered a 3rd one just like this to put in my familyroom/laundry room area.  I have one more room, our office which I will be purchasing one for in the future.

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Ahhh fresh air

We have two very large and furry dogs and the air filter has considerably helped with smell and dander. We have also noticed less dust and just feel like the air is cleaner.

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Great choice!

I purchased this unit from iAllergy and I can't tell you the difference it's made in the front part of my home.  I have hardwood flooring and the dust and hair I once saw at the baseboards have disappeared!  This is truly a great addition to my home...

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Good product


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Honeywell HPA-249

Air feels cleaner and smells fresher.  Provides peace-of-mind knowing the air in my home is safe for my child.

Durability is a big question mark because the product stopped oscillating after only 7 months.  We'll see how well the warranty process goes.

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Stopped oscillating

Filter seems to work fine, but has stopped oscillating after less than a year of use. 

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it stop oscillating...

just like the humidifier , after 6 months , something stops !

in this case the air purifier is great , but if you are paying to much for it ( $229,99 + tax ) is better if it works for at least a couples years.

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