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Honeywell UV True HEPA 5-1 Allergen Remover Tower

Model Number: HPA-245
Dimensions: 11" x 11" x 30" in
Color: White
Room Size: 13' x 13' (170 sq ft)
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Price: 249.99
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Great Producted

Love this Producted. Was getting sick this holiday season bought this item and my sinus were cleared up in a heart beat.

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A must buy to fight FLU GERMS!!!

EXCELLENT at CONTAINING COLD and FLU germs!  Ive owned the more expensive HHT-145 model for about 2 years now.  NoTHING spreads through our house anymore! (family of 5)   I run it every night (as the fan is loud and not always pleasent when watching tv).  When someone is sick with a cold, flu, or stomach flu it goes directly in their bedroom.  The kids actually ask for it now when they feel like they are coming down with something.  Ive wanted a second one but the cost was an issue.  After researching this model and the HHT-145 i found they have the same UV-C bulb.  This model doesnt come with as good of a filter but the bulb is what matters to me.  It was a no brainer!!  Now having both models of course I had to see if the better filters fit in this model and guess what...they do!  Im very excited to have another UV-C bulb running to combat this nasty flu thats going around this year.  This is definitely a MUST BUY...especially if you have children.

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Awesome air purifier

Love this air purifier!!! My house has never smelled so fresh and clean since using this product. I almost never have to dust anymore and my sinuses don't bother me nowhere near as much as they used to. Thinking about getting another one for my bedroom. Love the fact that the HEPA filter only has to be replaced once per year, Grear product!!

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good item
We noticed a difference immediately.
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I have the unit for two days and my sinuses have cleared up so that I can sleep at night . The house also seems fresher . Everything on the unit seems to work  perfectly . 

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It Works!

Great product!.  I use it at night in my bedroom.  It is not loud i- thank goodness.  And I feel refreshed in the morning, without the usual coughing and sneezing that I had before.  I have dogs and a cat and they like to be in the room too.  I think they like the fresh, clean air also.  Highly recommend it.  I even bought one for my niece......and by chiropractor!

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So Far So Good

So far I love this thing! I suffer from seasonal allergies and so far not having any issues with this air purifier while in my home. We've also made the dreaded fired chicken for dinner and the smell is usually gone within a few hours compared to a few days. The only snafu we've had so far is the oscilator keeps getting stuck. I'm sending it in to be looked at/fixed. Might cost $30+ for the box, tracking number, and total shipping, we'll see. But so far very impressed. 

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Replacement Unit

Purchased this as a replacement for another brand. The tall and slender design takes up less space that the previous unit and has less fan noise. Unit is used in family room area with high ceiling and seems to do a good job. Would purchase agin.

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Honeywell UV True HEPA 5-1 Allergen Remover Tower, HPA-245

Honeywell UV True HEPA 5-1 Allergen Remover Tower, HPA-245, oscillator broke in less than 45 days

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Piece of Junk

First let me say I work for Honeywell and wanted to support the company I work for, but I guess that was a mistake.

The Good, After Just a few hours the room we placed it in smelled better and after just a week I noticed alot less dust in the room. 

Now why you should choose a different Brand,  The first one showed up and after I plugged it in notticed a rattle that would not stop. The Higher the Fan Speed the louder the rattle. It was loud enough that sleep at night was not possible.  So I sent it back.

Its replacement arrived.  I plugged it in and ahhhh rattle gone.  This one I have had for about three months now and all of a suddent the oscilating feature breaks. It gets to a point and just starts loudly clicking and will not oscilate past that point. 

A 250.00 dollar air filter should be built a little better than this. Dont waste your time. Try to find somthing built in America instead of another cheap Chinese piece of garbage.


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