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Turbo Force® Floor Fan

Model Number: HF-910
Dimensions: 21" x 7" x 21" in
Color: Black
Room Size: Large
Warranty: 1 Year limited
Price: 49.99
Ships today if you purchase 2nd or 3rd day shipping and your order is completed before 1PM EST

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What a Surprise
Purchased this fan and was totally taken back by how well it functioned. quiet.. but moves plenty of air for a small fan.. excellent to stick in the window at night... great product for the price
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excellent purchase



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Honeywell Fan

 Excellent investment. Amazingly powerful yet virtually noiseless.

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Bought -2- of the 18" fans TEN years ago and they just now gave out, -10- YEARS! Best fans I ever owned, here now re-ordering!

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Honeywell Turbo Fan

I recieved my fan in about 10 days, would of liked a faster delivery, but I am very happy with my fan, it is super turbo and gives off a lot of air for my comfort choice...thanks to Honeywell fans for such a great product.

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Best fan ever
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floor fan

fan works very well.  was delivered in a timely fasion.  like it.

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Fan review

I just bought the HF 910 Turbo fan and it works great. Blows well and far....I highly reccommend this fan. 5 STARS in my book.

                                   Bakersfiled, Ca.  ,Mike S.

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HF-910 Honeywell Fan

I Love this fan....but one month later motor was intemitttently turning on and off. Contacted Kaz from Honeywell they replaced fan with no problem....but I had to pay for fan to be returned which cost me $25....not good.....but I have my new fan....I'm Happy!!!!

                                                                 Thank You Mike

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awesome fan.

This fan is fantastic. It keeps me cool all night even on the warmest night and on the lower settings.

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Great fan!

I love the fan - it is durable and lightweight and reasonably quiet.

Only hangup is the front cannot be removed for blade cleaning. 

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Honeywell Turbo Force Floor Fan

I received the floor fan two days ago and so far I am very pleased.  It gives a pleasant breeze and is relatively quiet.  So far I have used it only on low speed and find that is sufficient to keep cool.  I am thinking of purchasing another one.

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Fan #910

 I was looking for the same fan that I have had for the past ten years and called Kaz to find out who would carries the fan in the Long Island vicinity. I was told both Wal Mart and Target. I called all the stores in the Nassua county area and no one had them in stock though they were listed as in stock.

I then called Kaz to order the fan thru their customer service department only to find out that the fan was not the same edition. i purchased what was similar. I received the order in seven business days.  When I opened the box I immediately knew this was not the same fan but a slimmer version and one that was slightly bigger in diameter.  No problem, I thought.  Since I still had one fan working, and needed another one, I accepted the package. When I installed the fan I was surprised to see that it did NOT have the same volume of air flow. For something gthat was now bigger, the air flow was a lot less.  My first thought was to return it since it was $49.99, but decided to keep it for the downstairs of my house. I am still disappointed but we just had a heat wave and something was better then nothing. 

I have to admit that I think that Honeywell makes an excellent product.  Just dissappointed that the product had changed from what I was used to.





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Honeywell Turbo Fan

This was a replacement to what we thought was the same fan purchased Late 1980's or early 90's. The new fan doesn't even have the power the old does today and definitely doesn't even have half the power the old did when new. There is very little difference between the 3 fan speeds, compared to the old one.

When we were shopping, we visited several brand name stores that carried Honeywell fans. We also visited several locations of these stores, because none had the Turbo fan model in stock. Thus, we bought it on line from kaz.

We will keep this fan because it is the closest we can find for our needs. In the future, we will probably not look for a Honewell fan replacement.

Harold Rose

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No Stars

This product is not manufactured to the quality that i am used to from Honeywell.  I had the product one day and my granddaughter knocked it over while it was sitting on a tile floor and the cheap plastic grill on the back side that housed the switch broke off and now is not usable.  I regret purchasing these fans.

I was forced by the website to choose a star rating, but I would give it a ZERO.



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Not what it used to be
The HF 910 is lacking to say the least. It's max power is equivalent to the old 810 set on medium, so they took out the power. It doesn't move any more air on high than does my lasko box fan, but it sure costs a lot more. Not sure why they choose to make it so weak or thin enough that if you barely bump it it falls over. Start making the old version again, this new one sucks.
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Poor Construction
I am very disappointed in this product. Within a week of purchasing the product (2) of them. The first one was accidently knocked over from floor level and landed on the back. The entire switch compartment broke and could not use the fan. The second fan quit working within 4 months. These fans are only used at night in a bed room to circulate the air. I will never purchase from this company again.
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not working properly
I loved the fan for the first 4 months and now its not working as it was before. the motor seems be defective and it no longer gets the fun to work. All i get is a noise.
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Honeywell Fan HF-910

I am sorry, but Honeywell has dropped the bomb on this fan. This fan I purchased back in June 2012 is beginning to not turn on, along with making whining noises. This started about 3 months after purchase. Before this fan, I have had a Honeywell fan that lasted 7 years. 

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HF-910 Fan

Fan worked great when I first got it nice and powerful.  Then pulled it out the next season and it didn't work as well.  Now at the almost 2 year mark it has grinded to a halt.  2 YEARS!! I have a $15 fan from Kmart that is still working at year 20 and it's caked with grease and dirt.  Not satisfied and expected more out of the HF-910 that cost more than 3 times the price of my cheap fan and lasted one tenth as long 

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HF-910 failed after 1 year (as soon as warranty was up). Still have an HF-810 that is  9 years       old and working fine. Go back to the HF-810.

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