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True HEPA Allergen Remover

Model Number: HPA200
Dimensions: 18" x 10" x 19" in
Color: Black
Room Size: 17'x 18' (310 sq.ft.)
Warranty: 5 Year Limited Warranty
Price: 209.99
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Easy to Use and Quiet!

Have had the unit a short time but it does a nice job keeping the air fresh and allergan free in our bedroom  The unit is quiet and the controls are simple to use. We like it very much!

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air purifier

Honeywell air purifiers is a great product. It gets rid of pet dander, skin dander, and other dirty microbes that are in all homes. We are so happy with this machine in our den that we have purchased another unit for our bedroom.

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So far so good

My upstairs neighbor smokes :(. Makes the air in my apartment carcinogenic. :(. I'm hoping this helps.

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Love this unit, Really needed it for our apartment

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Hpa200 model

Very good air cleaner and very quiet also

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Great Product

I bought the smaller verson of the Honeywell True HEPA from London Drugs last year and wow what a difference it made. I recently moved into a bigger place and wanted another air purifier for the main floor. Decided on the HPA200 series because of the square footage I have. Another wonderful product! Anyone with pets NEEDS this!!! 

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Honeywell HPA200

I just purchased this air purifier and have used it for two nights in our bedroom, it works great! My wife and I have noticed a tremendous difference in the air quality and are very happy with our purchase.

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Honeywell HPA200

I bought this product because I have bad allergies. The product was easy to set up and easy to get the filters in place. Just after one night of use in my bedroom i noticed a big difference. I did not have bad sinus pressue when I woke up like I usually do. Also this product has many great features on it. Great Product! 

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So far so good!

Just got this air purifier today and it is great so far! It is quiet on all speeds (except Turbo) and it really moves the air. I am hoping it will increase the quality of my air and life and help my dusty home problem. I like that I can sign up for air filter replacement reminder emails. 

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Nice Air Filter

Quiet - Great Design - Easy Set Up

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Relief to Allergy Sufferers

So far so good. I have always had honeywell products in my home. I decided to get an air purifier due to I am a severe allergy sufferer. It was a hard decision to make against Honeywell and the Claritin air purifier. The final determining factor was it was recommended by allergist. Because the other machine really had me leaning towards going with that product since they make allergy products. But I am glad I made the right decision because I can see a difference already.

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Good so far

Just purchased a honeywell purifier in hopes to help get rid of the fireplace dust, pet dander and dust particles.  Good so far!

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Appears to be a quality  product. I wish it had a remote control.

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easy to put together, but the removable front is very flimsy, looks like it will break easily.

Sound is fine and the dimmer on the light is definitely a plus

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