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HHT-090 HEPAClean Tower Air Purifier with Permanent Filter

Model Number: HHT-090
Dimensions: 11" x 10" x 28" in
Color: Charcoal gray with silver accents
Room Size: 13' x 13' (169 sq. ft.)
Speeds: 3
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Price: 149.99
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1st night of usage, what a difference! Nice piece of engineering and technology. Great Product!
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Reliable and dependable Air purifier
Just got an Upright Air Purifier (Model HHT 090) works great so far providing clean fresh air in our room. The sleek upright design does not take a lot of space and actually looks like a fan. Highly recommend this product especially because of the permanent HEPA filter you can save $$$$...
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good product.

Great product.  Keeps our rooms smelling great. Worth buying if youre wondering.

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air purifier

quiet, nice shape and size.  I have a big hairy cat, so it's important for me to have one of these in our small apartment.  I like it.

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what a day!
The difference in my day? Without my purifier I'm on the end of an oxygen hose. I wish I could take it everywhere I go.
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Great unit so far!
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So far so good.  The HHT-090 does not maake anymore noise than other air purifiers I've owned and is a lot quieter on medium than most.  It is taller than the other units such as the Oransi but is a third of the price.  So far so good.  I will updat in six months and tell you how its doing then!

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We liked the Hepa filter so much we bought two.

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Air Cleaner

I have only had the product for a few days. So far I like how quiet it is. I am not sure if I like the air blowing out like it does. It is ok because it is summer. I hope it does not blow cold air out in the winter.

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Air Filter

Machine works great it is just frustrating they no longer sell the compnents that come with machine

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For the first year this thing worked really well. It suddenly started to sound very loud no matter what setting it is on. Now, when it is on low, it is louder than it ever was on high when I first bought it. 

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Jill H Remington
I just got it. I checked the filters after 5 days and they were very clean. Nothing on them. I hope mine is working. We have a large lab and their should be pet hair on them. Is this working?
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