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HHT-080 HEPAClean Tower Air Purifier

Model Number: HHT-080
Dimensions: 11" x 10" x 29" in
Color: White with gray accents
Room Size: 13' x 13' (169 sq.ft.)
Speeds: 3
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Price: 119.99
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Excellent product for the money. I love that it has a washable filter.

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HEPAClean air purifier
I purchased the product to help keep my bedroom free of cat dander and dust particles so that my nose dose not get stuffed up and I don't sneeze. Since I have turned the unit on, I sleep better and can enjoy having all of my pets sleep in my room!
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Honeywell HHT-080 Air Purifier
I just bought 2 of the Honeywell Air Purifier's for my Home and so far I have seen a major impact to the amount of dust in my home, a lot less! I am very pleased with the capability of adjusting the fan from low to high settings.
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clean&fresh air
We have an office in our basement so it is a sense of security that you are breathing fresh air that doesn't contain any spores that a damp space could. The thing i like most is that your air purifer has filters that only require routine cleaning and not costly replacement.
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HHT 080
Easy setup & shipment received in great condition from Amazon.
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I have just put together, and turned on my "NEW TOY" (1 Hr. ago). I already love it. It is a little noisey on High, but not offensive. I have turned to medium. The noise is not even noticeable. I'm using it in my sun room, which is opened to the kitchen and den. I'd love to have one in my bedroom area. As of now, I would highly recommend it. I did have some trouble getting the filters out, and more trouble getting them back in. I also had trouble getting the back snapped in place. Guess I need a MAN in the house!
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I unpacked my 2nd HHT-080 last night. I liked, and have enjoyed my 1st one for my sunroom and den so much, I decided to purchase one for my bedroom. For the first time in many years, I did not cough, or even get up, during the night. Actually, I forgot about having it, until I realized what a good night's sleep I had, and wondered why. I have a Jack Russell Terrier (short hair, of course), who sheds extremely bad. That was my reason for getting the first one. Now, it seems I have solved two big problems in my life. I would highly recommend the HHT-080!! There are much more expensive ones, but this one works for me!!! AND, it is affordable!
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I own three - and love them.


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 I cant breath through my nose at all due to an auto accident 10yrs ago.Because of that when i sleep all i bresth through is my mouth, and every morning when i wake up i would have a horrible taste in my mouth that would gag me. I bought this unit with hopes that it would help some with that. Well i have had it over a year now and from the first night till present it TOTALLY 100% TOOK CARE OF THE PROBLEM , and an added bonus is, dust dosent collect on the cieling fan anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GREAT PRODUCT!!!!!!!!

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I bought this air purifier and i have to say that it really cleans the air in the room. It's nice to have clean breathable air.

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tower air purifier

I just got the unit so I will know more about it in about a month.

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Air Purifier

This unit was a replacement that was sent to me for warranty reasons.Return authorization # Q1064. Thanks, Tim.

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Honeywell Done!

I love my Honeywell Air Purifier here in my office.  We have a lot of dust, odors and every day pollutants.  I really like the "Ionizer" feature as it makes my office smell fresh and clean!  I would definitely recomment this product!

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Air purifier
very good purchase for the money
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Not as quiet as I want it to be but it works!
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Hope I'm happy

I purchased this product because filters are premanant. I also know I can count on the product because of the name. I know it will not fail me.

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Good Product
Just got this today. Like it so far.
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Right after I had Sinus Surgery I purchsed this unit and after a couple days one could tell the difference once you walk into the room, certain odors are not present anymore. Great unit for price..
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will &company

I can;t tell you yet i;am just getting ready to purchase the two in one.Mine will have to be later on.i,ll get back to you or you can contact me at my e-mail address which is written above.

                                                                                    Thank you

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new purchase

Product was as described in literature.  Followed instructions, and it is working well.  Appears to be well made.  I like the product.

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Easy to Keep, Slight malfunction

It's very easy to clean out the filters. There seems to be a problem with it pushing out the air (only does so in a section of the stand), but I was able to deal with it for more than two years.

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Very happy with the unit.  We are in a very smokey environment right now and the purifier has been great.

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honeywell hht-080 purifier

I haven't had it very long, but so far its working fine

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HHT080 is too noisy

It is purifying the room but it is very noisy!

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Hepa Clean Tower air Purifier

Works well in getting rid of odors.

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