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Table Air Circulator Fan

Model Number: HT-904
Dimensions: 11" x 7" x 11" in
Color: White
Speeds: 3
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Price: 18.99
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ht 904

My son uses this fan every night and it's just the right hieght and width for him.

KAZ e-mailed me as a confermation ,provided a tracking # , and my fan was delivered within a few days after my order. The only thing I have a concern about is the design of the fan some fingers may get inside the wider ends of the fan. (this is a honeywell concern) As far as ordering Kaz was the best!


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New HT-904 Fan
This is a new fan that's been on less than one hour. Thus far, I'm happy with my purchase. The fan is strong yet quiet - perfect for my cubicle at work. All indications are that this will be a 5 star product.
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perfect for a small room like a bathroom with no vent hood. Keeps the room from steaming up while showering.
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Powerful little fan!
This fan may be small, but it's got some power! Even on the lowest speed, it's just right for a lobby area.
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More bang for the buck.
I needed a fan to help my air conditioner cool a third floor apartment in an older building. I was kind of hesitant due to the size of this fan but I decided to take a chance. I was really surprised at the amount of air it produces for it's size and impressed by how it quiet it is. Highly recommended.
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A Wonderful Compact Fan
I recently purchased a Fan (model number HT-904-TGT) and am very pleased with the air circulation. The fan is quiet, light, small and perfect for traveling. It has 3 speeds to chose from and cools the room fast. I recommend this fan highly!
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The item was exactly as described and arrived as promised. Thanks for the great service and product!

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This fan is an excellent product. Quiet, silent, light weight and portable. Thank you for carrying this product.

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Works well!!

Great product.  Thank you!

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Great Cooler

Quiet and good cooler.  JUst love it.  You can't go wrong with this one.

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An excellent fan.  I use it to supplement A/C in room that has a lot of equipment that generated heat.  This fan is perfect for air circulation and added cooling.

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Honeywell Fan

I already had one of these but my husband kept taking it from my office to his bathroom. I love the white and it really puts out the cool air.

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Great fan

It is a great fan! its small but very powerfull!

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Great fan!

Its really good!

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Honeywell Turbo Fan

I had the same fan for 12 years and used it nearly every day, summer and winter.  It worked like a champ.  When it finally gave out I searched for another.  There aren't too many small appliances today that get that much use and last as long.

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great fan

this is a great fan puts out alot of air great for a small room will be getting another one for my daughter when she leaves for college 

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Nice fan
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good fan, quite, move a good bit of air for size. Price 19.99 is reasonable
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pleased w/ my purchase
pleased with my purchase
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Doing it again

I was given two of these same fans about 8 years ago. Two years ago 1 of the fans just stopped working. And then just last month the second one went out. I really like the fans a lot and there a daily part of my life and that might bet why they stopped working is because they are on all of the time and never turned off. So I got myself two more because for them to be on all the time and last 6 to 8 years I feel I got my moneys worth. And yes I would and have suggested this fans to my friends and family.

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Effective Circulation

This fan circulates the air quite effectively and quieter than other brands I have purchased i the past.

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Power Air Ciculator

Small but gives good circulation and cooling.  I got it to use in my office.  Works very well.

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No problems and met all my expectations.

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First Honeywell

This is my first honeywell product and it works fine. Thanks.

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Wife uses in computer room and is highly satisfied with product. I am impressed as to how quite it runs.
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Honeywell Tabletop Fan

The fan is great except for one item. It tilts up w/out much provocation. I need the fan to blow horizontally, not up. Most times, when I turn it on it automatically tilts up. I have to wrap the cord around it in such a way to try to anchor it so it will not tilt, but remain blowing horizontally. The power and number of speed settings is great, as is its portability.

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