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Replacement UV Bulbs for HHT-145 Air Purifier

Model Number: HUV-145
Dimensions: 5" x 2" x 11" in
Price: 39.99
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I could not find these UV lights anywhere. After looking high and low without any luck what-so-ever, a light bulb lit up above my head as I thought to myself,  "I'll call Kaz". Sure enough, Kaz had the UVL's that I needed. KAZ, Inc., WHAT A BRIGHT IDEA!!!!!!!!

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Great Bulb

This is a great bulb for a great air cleaner.  The air cleaner works without the bulb, but the added benefit of the UV protection is great.  Installation was quite easy: remove the filters, pull on the tab to remove the old one, unpack the new one and slide it in.  The only downside is that you need to take the old bulb to a recycling facility (which I will do with some other electronic equipment).

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Honeywell HHT-145
The bulbs work well and last for a good period of time. A quality air purifier and product.
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HUV145/Better Website Labeling

Although one cannot measure the benefit of using this product, I consider it to be a good product which I continue to use.  However, each item is a sealed tray containing two bulbs.  The tray (two bulbs) must be used intact.  Single bulbs cannot be purchased or used.  I have two Honeywell Air Purifiers (HHT-145 and HHT-149-HD).  I recently purchased replacement filters for both purifiers to last for two replacements.  This product is labeled "Honeywell Replacement UV Bulbs."  There is no further information describing whether this item is two bulbs in one tray, or two trays.  I was thrown off because the other filters for this purifier, e.g. HRF-C1/HRF-C2, identify the number of filters in each item.  As subject item is described on the website as "bulbs," I assumed it contained two trays for two uses.  To be certain, I phoned KAZ, explained I wanted to order replacements for two purifiers for two replacements.  I was told there are two bulbs in the item.  In context, this further convinced me there were two trays in each item.  Unfortunately, this wasn't the case.  I subsequently ordered two additional items, so I would have replacement filters on hand for the next two replacements.  The product appears to be a good product, but the website description is not clear enough.

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