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Premium Odor Reducing Air Purifier Pre-filter

Model Number: HRF-B1
Dimensions: 5" x 1" x 11" in
Price: 9.99
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Works as Promised
This aspect of the Honeywell HHT-145 works as promised. It is also easy to remove and replace.
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Honeywell Filter

Was happy to finally find vendor who sold this filter!  Quick delivery - thank you!

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air filter

very good

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Mr Sheppard

excellent replacement filter - works really wel - good service from KAZ

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Excellent product, excellent service

When we moved from our house in Illinois to an apartment in Virginia we were shocked at the amount of dust that collected on the furniture. We dusted religiously every week, but my husband broke up laughing when he came one day and saw that I had drawn a tic-tac-toe on the coffee table, out of frustration! We bought a Honeywell purifier because it was on sale and got good reviews. It's one of the best buys we ever made. No more sneezing all night! We still dust once a week, but no more tic-tac-toes!


Over more than a year, we have replaced the B and C filters at least 3 times, when the red alert light came on, and the unit still works as well as ever. But the filters are expensive, so we shopped around and found them at Kaz, for the same price as Wal-Mart, plus free shipping. This is an excellent deal, and they continue to work perfectly.

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Cleans Effectively

I have two dogs and I have seasonal allergies.  The pre-filter is fantastic because it cleans the air effectively and fast.  It also eliminates bad odors.  I rarely have an allergic reaction.  I would definitely buy it again.

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filters work

Good price and timely delivery on the pre-filter for my honeywell air purifier system. Thank you.

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the right stuff

got the right part I needed for the filter and it came quickly! TY

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Honeywell charcoal filter

This filter is great and very effective for me!  I am a smoker and have 5 cats; thus, 5 litter boxes!  It does a terrific job eliminating these ordors!

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Honeywell Pre-filter

I needed to trim the item, but it is working fine.

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Good Design

The filter is well designed by Honeywell and installs very easily in my air purifier.

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Good pre-filter

This is a good pre-filter. Works as promised.

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Wrong Filter

So, I thought i was careful, and somehow I received the wrong filter.  I just forced it to fit, so as not to go through the pains of having to send it back and wait for a replacement.  Wish it were easier to order items like this online. I have the same issue with vacuum cleaner filters :-(.


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