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Pet CleanAir™ Replacement Filter Combo Pack

Model Number: HRF-CP2
Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 10" in
Price: 19.99
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 I purchased the unit at home depot and just can't get transportation to buy filter refills.  I am glad you sell them online.  It makes my life so much easier and my boyfriend's allergies less when he is trying to sleep with cats on the bed.  Thank you


We both love this unit and the filters were here alot sooner than we thought.



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Great filter system!
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just started using my aire cleaner but it seems to really make a difference in the amount of dust. So far the filter has worked great.

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Excellent product

Works well.  We use the air purifier in a room with litter boxes; it really cuts down on odors.

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I love my Honeywell Pet Clean air. It has saved me from this allergy season.

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Exactly what I needed

Purchase was easy and delivery just as promised.

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Good quality

I'm a mom of two young kids with Asthma.  Air purifiers that work well are a must and this filter system meets my expecations.  I keep is running on high 24/7

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Quick and easy

I have pets and love what my air purifiers do for my home.  Reordering pre-filters and HEPA's from here and it's affordable, easy and quick.  I will reorder from here again in the future like I always have.

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Honeywell Pet CleanAir Filters

Since I purchased my first air filter to aid in removing cat hair from my room (because my fiancee and I both love cats, but share a similar agitation to cat fur), I have only been impressed with the results. I can tell when the purifier is on, and I can also tell when the filters need replacing. The filters have done such a good job, that I almost immediately know when the air quality is diminishing. I highly recommend the Pet CleanAir filters for their great success and ease of use.

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Purrfect fit filters:)

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I love that it was easy to order and exactly what I get in the stores for a better price (and I don't have to go out in this snow to get it).

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air purifier

The air purifier helps some with pet hair.  It has a freshener built in that controls odor.  I am satisfied with the product.

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Helps with allergies

We have been using our air purifier for about three years. The pet filters help tremendously with my allergies and making the room smell fresher.

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Good price.

Does remove the smell of our hound in our house.

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Pet Clean Air Combo Pack

The combo pack has two pre-filters and 1 hepa filter.  My Pet Clean Air Filter needs 2 hepa filters and came with one long pre-filter.  I would rather be able to buy Type P hepa filters and a pre-filter that fits.

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The stand takes 2 filters, would have been nice to know I would need 2 boxes for the replacement.

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