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Honeywell Pet CleanAir™ Air Purifier for Pet Owners

Model Number: HHT-013
Dimensions: 15" x 7" x 11" in
Color: White
Room Size: Small (up to 85 sq. ft.)
Speeds: 3
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty
Price: 69.99
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So far it has taken the dander out of the room due to birds :O)
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Honeywell Honeywell Pet CleanAir™ Air Purifier for Pet Owners

 We have one Pet Owner Purifier for the living room and one for our bedroom.  Because I have asthma, we were originally looking for an ionizer to replace a very old ionizer. After reading the testimonials about this product, and because we have cats, we decided to try one. It worked out so well, we got another for the bedroom. We LOVE them!

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great machine

 This machine does a great job, I purchaced two of them

they work better than i expected would recommend highly

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Good purifier
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Honewell PETCleanAir

A family member has used a larger Honeywell Air Purifier in a studio apartment for over 5 years and is very happy with its efficiency and low energy usage.  We have purchased this smaller unit for a single room to eliminate pet dander and dust and it is working exactly as advertised.  

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These filters are top of the material. I am very pleased with them.
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These filters are top of the material. I am very pleased with them.
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It works!  My only complaint is that here in Canada, the filters cost half as much again as they do in the U.S. .    It's not a $400 puifier so please don't expect is to be as quiet as one ... it's  about as loud as my Sears unit on all three speeds and much quieter than two other well-known imported brands now selling in department stores.   I rate it a GOOD BUY!



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It works
Bought the "pet clean air " for the den. Dog hangs out in there with me and this does a great job at keeping it fresh and clear. If it was a bit cheaper I'd buy another for the bedroom.
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working well.  not sure if big enough for the room.

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Honeywell Air Purifier Pet Clean Air

I bought this for my daughter's room and we both love it so far! It does have a humming sound which she does not mind and our cat  is not bothered by it either. To date, no complaints; am buying one for my office!

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Just Bought

So far seems ok, this is day 1, will see if it helps with the litterbox odors :-)

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Honeywell Air Purifier for Pet Owners
This air purifier is very effective for its size. We keep it in the room with the cat litter box and is really effective in keeping down odors in the room. My only complaint is that it's noisy, even on low fan.
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Too noisy!

I think it works OK, but it's just too noisy, even on the lowest setting.

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Kaz HHT-013-HD

Motor failed after 7 months of use.

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