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Easy-To-Care Cool Mist Humidifier

Model Number: HUT-220W
Dimensions: 14" x 7" x 14"
Color: White
Room Size: Small to Medium
Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
Price: 54.99
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repeat purchase

I now have one of these in each of our 4 bedrooms.  We live in a very dry country, high mountains with below freezing temperatures during the winter and it makes sleeping so much more comfortable

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Great product!

I had two of the older versions of this product, and figured I'd get the same thing since they take filter cartridges.  I like this one even better - the automatic shut off is fantastic.  It is also quieter.  I live in a high rise and have building heat so my condo gets very dry.  Having these units really helps!

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works great

This unit is keeping our bedroom moist and improving our health.

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You couldn't ask for more. It works great, easy to fill (no dragging a tank back from the faucet), automatic shut off, and no huge filters. Perfect!

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Good product

Works great. Only gripe is that if the parts aren't aligned properly sometimes it makes some funny sounds. Also, if I'm not diligent about emptying it every day and let it slide a day or so, that pink residue starts to accumulate in some hard-to reach areas. Overall, easy to used and would buy again.

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ultrasonic humidifier

It's a nice humidifier.  It's cleaner than others because it has the demineralization cartridge.  This makes it a breeze to clean.

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At first the unit was noisy but it quieted down and the water sounds were nice to go to sleep with. After a couple of weeks of satisfactory operation it ceased to operate. Internal inspection reveals that the fan motor tries to turn but cannot. It will function fine if I give the fan a finger flick. 

Would it be possible to obtain a new fan motor?

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ok so far
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Difficult to comment as I just plugged it in.  However, I like the size, seeing the mist and that it is quiet.  Just an FYI perhaps you could put the model HUT-220C on the warranty list, I had to call the store I bought it at and she could not find it and then I called the warranty dept to which I spoke with a rep who told me to registar it as HUT-220W meaning white.  Would have saved me about 25 mins of my time.

I will have to buy another one of these for my upstairs so a discount coupon will be greatly appreciated and one that can be used at Home Depot, Ontario Canada

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Works but...

Works fine except for the light to illuminate the fill line.  

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Need Return Authorization

Worked Great for first several weeks, then started intermitantly making buzzing noises.  Noises got worse and nowsounds ik an old coffee grinder.  Don't knowof there are gears insie bt also onds like the gears "skip" a mesh or two or three oce everl minutes. 

Read manual and made sure pump was seated  Nise sounds ike it's comming from the insde of the unit.

Not even used for hree weeks yet!

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