This tabletop air purifier is 95% efficient in helping to reduce common household airborne particles*. It has a four-stage cleaning system and ionizer for extra cleaning power.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: 16200
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HEPAClean® Tabletop Air Purifier

Model Number: 16200
Category: Air Purifiers
Color: White
Speeds: 3
Warranty: 3 Year Limited
Price: $59.99
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The 16200 HEPAClean® air purifier captures up to 95% of airborne particles that are 2 microns and above.* The filter in this compact but powerful purifier effectively helps capture dust, smoke, pollen and pet dander, circulating and cleaning the air in a small room up to 5 times an hour. It features 3 speeds, a handy night light, an optional on/off ionizer to boost cleaning performance and a filter change reminder light to let you know when it is time to change the filter. This effective air purifier also helps reduce common household odors such as those from cooking, pets or the bathroom and nursery. This air purifier fits great on a desk or tabletop and is designed to be placed in either a horizontal or vertical position to fit in small spaces. Recommended for a small room (80 sq. ft.).

  • 3 speeds
  • AHAM Certified for Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)
  • Replacement Filter: HRC-C1 or HRF-C2
  • Dust CADR: 44
  • Smoke CADR: 53
  • Pollen CADR: 58
  • Room Size: 10'x8' (80 sq ft)

This air cleaner is ARB Certified to comply with the federal ozone emissions limit.

*From the air that passes through the filter. Overall particle reduction is dependent on many factors, including the amount of air processed, the pollutant type and the pollutants' introduction rate into the environment. 

Filters and Accessories

Ships today if you purchase 2nd or 3rd day shipping and your order is completed before 1PM EST

Customer Reviews

HEPAClean® Tabletop Air Purifier
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Skeptic Turned Believer

I've always been very skeptical of air purifiers and that I would really benefit from one...until I bought this little guy.  I live in a small one bedroom apartment (built around 1900-1920) and one day discovered black mold in my bathroom (not the point of this story), but to make a long story short, as a result of this mold insanity I ended up with air purifier.  Oh and around this time I had also gotten a cat which I realized made my allergies worse.  So with black mold and pet dander floating everywhere I had been feeling your normal allergies.  Then this little thing came along.  The first day I flipped the switch on the little guy I began to notice a difference - a huge difference, like I wasn't waking up with a scratchy throat and itchy eyes.  Since then I've had it running consistently.  I crank it up a bit more when I brush the cat to help get pet dander out of the air a little faster.  It takes very little maintance.  I wash the pre-filter whenever I see it getting dirty (every month or two??) and the HEPA-type filter has lasted 6 months thus far (running all day).  It's not too loud, it sounds like a typical fan.  The controls are very easy to use and the filters are very easy to get out/put in).

Great Product
I love this product it really does its job the price is fantastic gonna purchase another one!
Air Purifier
It really is a wonderful product. I sit it on my kitchen counter for extra air purification when cooking and it cleans the air great. Would recommend it to anyone.
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