The HHT-1500 is a 2 pack of Honeywell Air Purifiers. It contains the HHT-055 and the HHT-155.
Manufactured by: KAZ, Inc.
Model: HHT-1500
Product ID: bb0d92ccbaec08a0ecdf86bb9673dcca
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Honeywell HEPAClean™ Air Purifiers

Model Number: HHT-1500
Category: Air Purifiers
Color: White
Warranty: 5 Year Limited
Price: $299.99
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Two great Honeywell air purifiers packed together in one package. Simply place one air purifier in the Living Room and the other in the Bedroom or Office for cleaner, fresher air in the rooms where you spend the most time. The Honeywell HEPAClean® Air Purifiers help reduce indoor pollution and allergens while using very little energy. In addition, these units also help reduce common household odors, like those from cooking or pets. Featuring an elegant tower design that will fit beautifully into any home décor, these air purifiers are a "must have" for your home all throughout the year.

This combination pack includes 2 air purifiers.

  • Captures up to 99% of allergens as small as 2 microns, including pet dander, dust and pollen 1
  • Also helps capture airborne mold spores and smoke
  • Changes room air up to 5 times an hour 2
  • Helps reduce unpleasant household odors
  • Low energy usage (HHT-155 is ENERGY STAR rated)

These units are AHAM certified:

  HHT-155 (Tall unit) HHT-055 (Compact unit)
Dust CADR 146 68
Smoke CADR 118 49
Pollen CADR 148 80
Room Size 182 sq. ft. 76 sq. ft.
Both air cleaners are ARB Certified to comply with the federal ozone emissions limit

1 From the air that passes through the filters. Overall particle reduction is dependent on many factors, including the amount of air processed, the pollutant type and the pollutants introduction rate into the environment.
2 Based on 3rd party independent CADR testing.

Click here to download the HHT-1500 Owner's Manual

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